Have You Ever Heard of Biofeedback Therapy?

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback Therapy is also known as Quantum Therapy, is a technology that analyses and energetically harmonizes the stress factors that may be at the base of some imbalances that may contribute to future pathologies.

The Goal of Biofeedback

The aim of this therapy is to contribute to the body’s self-regulation that is, reminding the body of how to control both physical and mental processes for better and healthier functioning. I often say that this therapy charges our battery in the same way that cars need to be filled with fuel, in the same way, that our cell phones need to be charged.

How does a Biofeedback Session Work?

This therapy is done through a machine (Scio) that is connected to a computer that has software to work with.

As our body is an electrical body, what this therapy does is send frequencies (energy signatures) that will train the cells to correctly process the information received.

Who Can Do This Therapy?

It can be given to all people of all ages with the exception of people with a pacemaker, who suffer from epilepsy or who are pregnant.

This therapy charges our battery in the same way that cars need to be filled with fuel, in the same way, that our cell phones need to be charged.

Can This Therapy Be Carried Out Concurrently With Medical Treatment?

Yes, you can, it is a complementary therapy, non-invasive, comfortable and relaxing, totally free of side effects. This therapy does not diagnose, cure or treat. It is used for stress and pain management as well as muscle re-education.

How Many Sessions Do You Recommend to A Client To Get Results?

Biofeedback is a training process. It can take several sessions for the body to recall its healthier patterns. Some people respond very quickly, especially those whose lifestyle choices bring them closer to healthy living. Others may need more training time, education and support to improve nutrition, exercise and/or sleep patterns, or to avoid substance dependence, etc. Generally speaking, the older some of the stress patterns causing discomfort in the client, the greater the number of sessions needed to initiate the rebalancing process.

It was a therapy that helped me to calm my mind/anxiety due to the stress I had in my professional life.

For Which Cases Would You Recommend This Therapy?

It is not just a question of resorting to this therapy when the person feels unwell. It’s always possible to feel even better!

Would recommend for the following cases:

  • Chronic fatigue, pain in general;
  • Sleep regulation, insomnia;
  • Reduction of stress, tension and nervousness;
  • Improved overall health and well-being;
  • Reduction of anger and fears;
  • Anxiety, depression;
  • Enhanced muscle mobility, flexibility and sports performance, muscle injuries;
  • Mental clarity enhanced memory and attention;
  • Attention-deficit / learning problems;
  • Decrease in chronic or acute pain, headaches;
  • Spine problems/back pain;
  • Skin problems;
  • Circulatory problems/blood pressure;
  • Regulation of the immune system;
  • Degenerative issues;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Breathing problems/asthma, shortness of breath;
  • Energy rebalancing;
  • Nutrition (rebalancing of minerals, vitamins, etc.);
  • Detoxification;
  • Weight loss;

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