Handy tips for wearing bell-bottom jeans for women fashionably

Bell-bottom jeans for women have made a solid comeback and now ever since then, they are a constant part of the fashion industry. Better known as flare pants, the bell-bottom jeans for women have emerged as one of the hottest trends this year. The bell-bottom jeans for women, no doubt, provide women that dramatic chic style to make a strong fashion statement.


To be chic, refreshing, and fashionable, the bell-bottom jeans for women are the best option to opt for. There are no drawbacks or risks associated with it. However, for so many women pulling skinny jeans is easier than bell-bottoms. Therefore, we have bought you some handy tips for wearing bell-bottom jeans for women so that you can pull them off elegantly and effortlessly.



Wear best shoes

To make your bell-bottom jeans for women look chic and sexy make sure you pair them with the right shoes. Shoes are always the item that needs a lot of consideration especially if you are wearing them below bell-bottom. With bell-bottom jeans for women, you can wear nice heels and even sneakers. All you need to do is just keep the length of your jeans in mind.

Pick a perfect top

With bell-bottom jeans for women, it is important to pair them with nice stylish tops. Remember that bell-bottom jeans for women are attention-grabber, therefore, go minimal with your top. To steal the shine of your jeans. Wear simple yet chic tops so that they do not add over-the-top drama to your overall look.  Opt for a clean, simple, and fitted top that is simple and elegant.

Pick high-waisted bell-bottom

The bell-bottom jeans for women come in different varieties. If you are going for something fashionable then opt for high-wasted bell-bottom. They look more flattering as they will hug your curves. The low-waisted jeans do not look good on everyone. The high-waisted bell-bottom jeans for women does not only make you appear leaner and taller but also make your waist appear super tiny.

Wide leg bottom

Apart from opting for high-waisted bell-bottom jeans for women, make sure you choose jeans that have wide-leg bottoms. Yes, the wide leg bottom will make your legs look pretty and elongated. The extra wide-leg bottoms a special drama to the overall. They are the real deal.


The color

Make sure you opt for darker color jeans. The light color jeans although looks pretty but they are not for parties and special occasions. However, the dark bell-bottom jeans for women are not only found to be more slimming and flattering but they are extremely great for night outs, dinners, and even business meetings. This is, however, a personal preference which one you buy but according to us, the dark bell-bottom jeans for women are the best.

Jackets and blazers


Lastly, to bring a bit more style and to make a nice fashion statement, you can incorporate jackets and blazers in your overall outfit. This is a great tip, especially for girls who want to cover their thighs or butt, a long jacket or a nice blazer will do all the covering for you while enhancing your overall look all. The bell-bottom jeans for women paired with a nice jacket and blazer can be a great look for a formal affair, and even for casual days. It sort of completes the look and makes it a little more polished.

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