“New instrument experience——handpan drum

The handpan drum is a percussion instrument, which is composed of two hemispherical steel molds combined through the process of nitrogen. It needs to be made by professionals. Flat bottom drums are mostly in D minor, played on the drum head.

The first time I met handpan drum was when I came across an attractive handpan drum performance on the street. When I heard the sound of the handpan drum, I couldn’t help but sigh that there are instruments that can make a sound like the universe. It seems to lead me to travel in the Milky Way.

Such a voice really makes me unforgettable. I started searching for videos on handpan drum playing on YouTube. I am more and more obsessed with this instrument. So in the end I decided to buy a handpan drum online and try to play it myself.

I bought a 6-note handpan drum, including G3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, which is especially suitable for children and beginners.

This 6-note handpan drum was completed by an experienced tuner after thousands of hand hammerings.

It can be seen from the uneven sounding area of ​​this Handpan drum. If the sounding area is too neat and flat, and the lines are not round, the handpan drum is likely to come from an industrial assembly line and not made by professionals.

I received this handpan drum 2 months ago. From the day I received the handpan drum, I have been learning how to play it every day. From the random performance at the beginning, I am now able to finish a piece of music by myself.

Every time I play the handpan drum feels like a spiritual enjoyment. Playing it is not only a hobby of mine, but also a way for me to relax every day.

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