Guide to choosing the ideal pool to have at home

With summer coming and temperatures increasing, the days are already inviting to take a dip. Having a pool at home is a luxury, but when choosing a pool, many doubts arise. It’s not just about choosing the location, measurements and finishes, the decision is much more complicated than that. Habiti leaves some key ideas for choosing the one that suits us best.

Buried or raised:

It’s a basic difference when it comes to swimming pools – but one that’s important to keep in mind. The advantage of dunks is that there is no limitation in terms of dimensions. Furthermore, they integrate perfectly with the environment. However, the budget can go up as it is essential to dig and prepare the ground.

Above ground pools don’t require as much complexity when it comes to construction or installation. You just need to make sure the base the pool sits on is level and stable. They can be prefabricated in steel or sheet, wood, etc. But it is also possible to make a raised pool with an externally coated concrete structure, for example.

There is an intermediate solution, which is that of semi-underground swimming pools, which are usually built when the land has a considerable unevenness.

Construction or prefabricated swimming pools

It’s the other big difference between some pools and others. Construction pools are those that are built on site and therefore the cost of the work is usually higher. In return, they are “lifelong” pools.

In prefabricated pools, the model is manufactured with a pre-defined mold and subsequently installed in the chosen location. The construction is much faster, besides the fact that the variety of models is huge and its price more adjusted. However, they are usually not that big. For Water Leakage Click Here

Different materials:

Technological advances and new materials allow swimming pools to be made from many different materials. If we talk about the more classic, the concrete pools are still made of gunite and metal mesh. Among its advantages, it is worth mentioning that it achieves a structure of enormous strength, which can be designed in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Another possible way is to use precast slabs that are assembled extremely quickly. The pool can be covered with vinyl, tile, ceramic or microcement.

The other classic pool material is fiberglass reinforced polyester. There is practically no limitation on the shapes, they are resistant, easy to maintain and, in addition, the price is cheaper than that of concrete or steel.

Stainless steel is a material that, little by little, imposes itself in the construction of swimming pools, underground or elevated. Its lines are always attractive and modern, but the price is quite high.

When you’re looking for distinction: very special pools:

There are pools that deserve a separate mention, not for their materials or construction system, but for their design and characteristics that make them unique:

Glass or acrylic pools: the fact that one or two pool walls are transparent creates a spectacular visual impact, both inside and outside. For those looking for something truly unique, the glass pools are perfect.

Natural pools: the difference compared to conventional ones is that chemical purification systems are not used, but natural means based on plants. They are sustainable, colorful and blend in perfectly with the environment.

Overflowing pools: in them the water leaves the glass boundaries. Visually they are very attractive, as the edge blends in with the landscape. Furthermore, on a functional level, they are much cleaner, as the dirt disappears with the overflow.

Sand pools: so called because their surface has a special finish thanks to the mixture of sand and resin. They are very beautiful pools, but their price is higher and they require the work of highly specialized professionals.

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