Green and Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

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There are many things to consider when movers woodland hills. If you are environmentally conscious, it is important to be as sustainable as possible. For tips on how to make your move as eco-friendly as possible, check out these tips.

1. Downsize & Donate

You will need more packing materials and boxes the more belongings you own. Moving excess items can lead to more trips back and forth. Take a few days to sort through your belongings before you start packing. You may find that you have more space in your new home than you thought.

2. Do not buy boxes

Although buying boxes can be the easiest way to get moving containers, it is not sustainable. Look for other options, such as the ones you already own at home. You have many options when it comes to packing. You probably shop online a lot so you might be able to break down the boxes and keep them for later. To find what you need, ask your friends or go online to Freecycle and Craigslist.

If you don’t have the space or budget to purchase more boxes, renting moving boxes might be an option. Plastic totes are often available in stackable, stronger versions than their cardboard counterparts. The boxes are available for use at a charge and you can return them after the move is complete. This eliminates the need for you to disassemble and recycle many boxes and helps keep your footprint low.

3. Use Unusual Packaging Materials

It’s easy to find packing materials, much like moving boxes. You should search your home for things you can reuse, as foam and bubble wrap are not recyclable and often end up in the trash. In many cases, comforters, towels, or linens can be used as packing materials. Clothes can be used to wrap kitchenware and plates in safe ways, such as t-shirts. You should know where and how to properly dispose of plastic if you have to use it.

4. Minimize back and forth

When you move locally, it can be difficult to find everything in a short time. You may begin by setting up your bedrooms, only to discover that you forgot the lamps. You may then realize that you forgot your bed sheets when you return from work with the lamps. This back-and-forth can be very inconvenient and can increase your driving emissions depending on how often you drive. This can be avoided by planning as much as you can.

5. Find a reliable Moving Company Woodland Hills

When you want to reduce your carbon footprint during a move, efficiency is key. It is always more environmentally friendly to hire an organization and logistics company, no matter how long distance or local.

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