Get On-Board With Practo Clone For Advanced On-Demand Doctor App

The world is moving fast into the on-demand app in multiple sectors. On the other hand, it has also proved that the rise of on-demand doctor apps has benefited users. Who would not love the timely help during any crucial times? It is the perfect time for an enterprise like you to get on board into the healthcare industry with our Practo clone script. 

The main focus of the Practo clone app is to provide patients living in remote areas to get instant health consultations with professional doctors. There are many on-demand doctor apps in the healthcare industry that serve the patients with the remedies without further delay. Through these doctor apps, the patients can book an appointment with professional doctors, and they will approve the request based on their availability. The patients can choose the mode of consultations either via voice calls or video calls. Apart from this, the Practo clone script can be linked with the pharmacy, where the digital prescriptions will be directed to the pharmacy to deliver the medicines to the patient’s home straight away. Let’s have a quick run into the workflow of the Practo clone app. 

Seamless Workflow Of The Practo Clone App 

User Registration: Both the doctors and patients can efficiently register into the account using their email, phone number, and other social media accounts. 

View List Of Doctors: The patients will be able to view the detailed information of the doctors, and the app will be listed in separate categories of the health issues and related doctors. This helps the patients to choose the doctors in the required fields. 

Online /Offline Consultations: Like mentioned before, the Prato clone app allows the patients to opt for consultations either via voice or video calls, therefore, giving patients a comfortable space for live consultations. 

Multiple Payment:  The app like Practo is inbuilt with multiple payment options to provide the fastest payment for the fee services. 

Avail Healthcare Services: Apart from the live consultations, the users can also avail other services like the medicine delivery system. 

Digital Prescriptions: At the end of the consultations, the doctors prescribe detailed information and required medicines through digital prescriptions features. Thus this helps the patients to efficiently buy the medicines from the pharmacy through an online platform. 

Winding Up 

In brief, our app development firm at TurnkeyTown has the turnkey solution for the Practo clone, where you can expand your healthcare business all over the world. Contact our app developers right away to gain many solutions instantly.

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Written by tobias noah