Garden Lighting Ideas For Christmas 2021

Christmas lights are the shining beacon of what the festival stands for. It not just illuminates the place but also our hearts and hopes. So, when you put up the Christmas light, it is a signal that you are all set to welcome the upcoming festivities. Whether you are looking forward to going with ‘Blackpool-style’ lighting or just keeping things subtle with some elegant twinkling lights, it is important to have some cool ideas for your landscape or a small green corner that keeps you cosy during the day. In this article, we will be discussing some uber-cool garden lighting ideas that you may try in Melbourne, Sydney, Sandingram, or wherever you want.

●    Creating an entrance: There is no other point better than the entrance, to begin with. You may create a magical effect by festooning your porch with small shapes of twinkling lights along with groups of floor-standing lanterns. You may also create some majestic creatures like a Stag or a pair of deer next to the door that will complete the festive look.  Outdoor lights can easily add the needed warmth for the biggest festival of the year. It is well known that large glasses often turn into big black spaces at night, they may light up your inner space during the day but at night it is very different. When you light up your garden its light reflects on those big glasses and add some more magic to your outdoors.

●    Lighting Up The Way Inside: If you have a portico or even a small way from the main door that leads to your entrance, it may be time to light it up. You may also add some special props like some lit-up fountains that may jazz up the place. There are so many water pump stores in Melbourne where you may find some cool pieces for the right price. You may try hanging some lights along the way or wire some twinkling fairy lights along the way. If you have a grass patch along the way, you can always spiral some twinkling lights around them. If you want some extra magic, just bring some extra floor-standing lanterns or lights that are clustered on either side of the door. They will act as the additional layer of lighting on the ground level. It will help the incomers find their way to the front door on frosty and dark evenings. And who knows, they may even bring Santa and the elves at the right time. If you are worried about on or off timings, you can always add some timers so that the lights are off at the exact time automatically.

●    Add Some Sparkle To Your Door: If you think your plants are sensitive to the lights, you may want to upgrade your door with a door wreath, and some strings of lights up and down. It can really light up your small outdoor space without hurting your plants. You may also use some mini LED bulbs that can be threaded through the greenery and will twinkle brightly post dark.

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