Fi Series 2 Collars: Using Tech To Keep Our Dogs Safe – An Honest Review

First, let me preface this entire piece by saying that in all my years as a dog walker – I never lost a dog. Not one. 

Yet… Shelby and Lucy. *sigh* They’re such wonderful dogs, but dear god if there’s a gap in the fence? If someone leaves the gate ajar… if there’s any way to get out of the fence? They’re gone.

And if there’s a deer? They’re gone gone.

When they last got properly out? They were gone for 6 days. Six!!  And that was in deep snow too, and they’re not built for that, and they were found over 5 miles away.

Needless to say, there have been a few near misses, and it’s getting to the point that we as a family have a mild heart attack any time we see a neighbours phone call pop up on our phone.

So, we looked into the tech collars. This was where we decided to go. And, as a result, here it is for you! With two of the finest test subjects in the country to give these devices a real run for their money. 

I’ve included a little video demo too, of how to use, of the app, and of how I tracked a pseudo-lost dog who was wearing one!

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. We purchased these for ourselves – though do note that that will not change the fact that I’m going to give my fullest and honest opinion about this product. 

This is the simple bit, if you want the more nerdy bit? Scroll down, you’ll see it… 

So, in essence. In the box you get;

– Device
– Collar
– Charger base
– Charger cable

The other thing you need is the subscription to their service – which does kind of suck on such an expensive device. 

It’s pretty simple to start up you just download the app, and follow the instructions. We did it with ease. 

Fit the collar properly to your dog (Remember how to do that? No? Gosh, go read the “How to fit your dogs equipment post!) – because you know that you really do not want to find the collar with no dog attached to it! 

And that’s about it… until you need lost dog mode.

The App is pretty straight forward, the bits you really need to know are:


This page has your dogs step count on it (a feature I love!) along with a really informative bar chart that helps you see day to day, below is one of our girls days – can you tell the day it rained and she didn’t want to go anywhere?  Haha! You can also set goals! So if you’re trying to help your dog get a little fitter,

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