Electronic Ballasts Designed for High Performance applications.

Ultraviolet C (UV-C) technology has, time and time again, shown to be highly effective as a sanitizer in air, water, and on surfaces. As the world grapples with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, disinfection has become more important than ever before. With increased efforts in research and technology, UVC disinfection and UVC sanitation applications that utilize electronic ballasts in germicidal lamps have emerged to be a highly valued weapon in the ongoing struggle for infection control.

Lamps that use amalgam and mercury require a higher voltage applied between electrodes to light the lamp. Electronic ballasts for Germicidal lamps amplify the input voltage before releasing an output that is powerful enough to start the lamp. Specific UVC ballasts are required because such lamps have negative resistance between their two electrodes, and would burn out within seconds without them. These ballasts deliver high voltage to spark the lamp, and then drop the voltage to run the lamps efficiently.

UV Ballasts are devices that are utilized to manage both the current and voltage in electrical circuits. Electronic ballasts are widely used in electrical assemblies which also feature a lamp that functions via gas discharge (ie. Mercury, Fluorescent, Amalgam, etc). Previous designs have, in the past, functioned via magnetic induction. However as technology has evolved, today most ballasts on the market are now electronic. Electronic ballasts are more compact in comparison to their predecessors, and they also emit less noise too. 

Constantly researching and developing, ISL Products has partnered with many clients all over the world designing and manufacturing UV-C light ballasts that power gas discharge ultraviolet lamps fitted in specialist applications. For more than two decades ISL Products have supplied electronic ballasts specifically for Amalgam and Mercury based UV lamps, which can today be found in numerous germicidal applications in the fight against infection. 

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