Electrical Fuses And Their Types

Electricity is getting more and more advanced every day, but certain things can never change. A few devices are the reason electricity works and operate smoothly without any danger. Many things make up an electrical system.


A fuse is an electrical device used to protect circuits from overcurrent or overload and even protect the circuits. Fuses come in a lot of different designs and colors, but their functioning is the same. Here are electrical fuses and their types:


1.Cartridge Fuses

Cartridge fuses are used to protect electrical appliances such as air conditioners, motors, refrigerator pumps, etc. this is best where high voltage ratings and currents are required. They are available up to 600A and 600V AC which are even nicer. 


They are used in industries and commercial areas also as home distribution panels since they are efficient and work best for bigger sizes. Fuses help make it smoothly work without causing any danger. 


2.D-Type Cartridge Fuse

D-type fuses contain an adapter ring, cap, base, and cartridge. Here the fuse base is connected to the fuse cap, where the cartridge is kept inside the fuse cap. The circuit is completed when the tip of the cartridge makes contact with the help of the fuse link conductor.  


These fuses are efficient and help with the smooth functioning of the whole system since they are so safe and strong. 


3.High Voltage Fuse

HV fuses are used in power systems to protect the power transformer, instrument transformer, and distribution transformer where circuit breakers might not save the whole electrical circuit.


High voltage fuses are rated for more than 1500V and go upto 13V. The element of this fuse is made out of copper, silver, or tin. The chamber should be filled with boric acid in case of expulsion. 

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