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My personal protection and my exercise and health reason number five and finally is that I have a lawful right to carry my clean with me anywhere and at any time now if you’ve noticed our  we’ve done on the mobility card it emphasizes the laws that protect us and we created the mobility card so you could keep it in your pocket and always remind anyone that would challenge you of your rights that protect you number one under the HIPPA laws no one can legally ask you why you carry a cane that’s medically shaming you have an absolute right to medical privacy and Dynamo Walking Cane there’s an 800 number there if someone wants to challenge that right the second law is the American with Disability Act because you carry a cane you have a right to carry a cane in any public place in any public transportation and in any workplace again on the mobility card we provide an 800 number if someone should challenge and the third set laws that’s especially important to me as I travel are the TSA regulations we provide the two regulations that TSA guarantees that you can carry your pain with you on board the plane or inside your carry-on luggage.

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So you have the right to carry a cane you have the right to protect yourself and your family and these are the five reasons that are important to me if someone actually grabbed you came so this we can look at hand grabs from the wheelchair to canes and also just the one came with a limited mobility problem you for those you guys don’t know me I used two cases to walk with or I’m in the wheelchair this is a balance as well as pain issue so Walking Cane for Women is gonna grab my cane and we’re going to look at start with is the top of the hand on hand thing we’ve got cross-hand so I can still use this cane to either come through and put him off balance which rips it away from this hand but I’ve also got two circles I can do the first circle is to come up to the outside. walking canes near me cane accessories near me best walking sticks for hiking walking sticks for hiking near me walking sticks for balance Best walking sticks for seniors

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So I’m going to left across my body over the top to this point you’ve got the arm bar if you look at the shoulder the elbow and the wrist all locked off here probably too many go X this is a bad position for me and let go which is what we want if he doesn’t I can bring him the cane over onto the shoulder and bring him down we look at the circle from the other way so the top of the hand grab for starters I’ve got a fantastic point strike here if I come over I’ve got a strike to the face to the chest if I come all the way over he’s releasing the hand grip so this is just a basic top of the hand grip and we’re looking at the fun of the little finger if the little finger comes up your soundbar if you’re going to come over the thumb as soon as you get to a certain point you can tear away we can look now at a mid-shaft grip you can either come in and just grab the mid-shaft but look at his body position he’s down.

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