Dog Business for Sale: Why Starting a Dog Business is a Doggone Good Idea


If you’re looking for a franchise investment opportunity, finding a dog business for sale is a great place to start. Americans love pets, and as a nation we’re spending more than ever on our furry friends.


Entrepreneurs like you are investing in a range of exciting dog business opportunities. From pet supply stores to walking, grooming, and pampering, the options are endless. And not only does starting a dog business make great business sense, with a Pet Evolution franchise, you can also help America’s pets live the good life!


In this post, we’ll review the pet services and supplies industry, and explore why considering a dog business for sale or investing in a Pet Evolution dog franchise business is a smart choice for entrepreneurs who care.




It’s hard to overstate the size of the pet industry in the U.S. today. Let’s consider just a few key statistics.


67% of American households have a pe


That’s a 20% increase over the last 30 years


The pet industry is worth a massive $95 billion per year


Food and treats make up 40% of the average owner’s pet expenditure


American pets have never had it so good! And pet services businesses today offer so much more than the same old dog kibble and cat litter. Stores like Pet Evolution provide everything your pet needs to eat well, play hard, and live the good life, so investing in a franchised dog business for sale can be a great idea!


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Written by Michelle Austin

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