Dog Breeds: How Many Dog Breeds Are There In The World? (2021)

The world is full of dogs! So many dog breedss, and it’s almost like new ones pop up all the time.

So how many dogs are there? 

This is a really difficult thing to truly answer how many dog breeds there actually are… Why? Because there isn’t just one measure… we have a whole world of kennel clubs (over 110, in fact) who all have their own opinions on whether it’s a breed, or if it isnt… So what counts in the count of dog breeds?! Ah!

Let’s get into this.

How Many Dog Breeds Are There? 

There are over 400 breeds recognised across the world by the various kennel clubs. This is probably the most true number we can possibly estimate

Kennel club registered dogs are considered “Pedigree” dogs, because they come with a trusted and true pedigree, monitored and protected by a breed club and the kennel club.

There are four main kennel clubs across the globe and their numbers of ‘registered’ breeds are as follows:

The Kennel Club (UK) –  218 Breeds
American Kennel Club (US) – 197 Breeds
Canadian Kennel Club – 187 Breeds
The FCI* – 354 Breeds

A gorgeous hound dog, a Drever! Another AKC Stock Dog Breed! A gorgeous hound dog, a Drever! Another AKC Stock Dog Breeds! These wonderful hounds are super cute, and super elegant and fast. They were originally bred to chase deer in Sweden.

*this stands for Fédération Cynologique Internationale – but FCI is much eaciser to say!

But this is only breeds who have jumped through a series of hoops to get officially registered. These registrations began decades ago, and have slowly, slowly grown over the years. 

Then we have to consider whether dogs like the Labradoodle, or Cockapoo are included. Because these dogs absolutely come close to meeting the requirements needed by the AKC to register as a breed but yet they are not. Some dogs are recognised by government – like the Blue Lacy is recognised by texas government – but nowhere else! The Northern Inuit is another dog that isn’t recognised by any kennel club, but is still really well known when it comes to dog breeds. 

So when we consider all of this? Is it truly possible to put a number on them that’s more specific than “Over 400”?

No… not really!  

The number of breeds totally depends on who you ask, and it’s a number that will be ever changing and ever growing, because we humans both create and decide upon a ‘breed’ and even down to the offshoot-breed dogs, like Seppala Huskies or McNab Collies which are yet to be recognised and add in significant variation to the point that the owners of these dogs (particularly seppala huskies) will not register them as their ‘husky’ roots with a kennel club. 

border collie puppy

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