Do you know about core banking software features?

Core banking software typically includes deposit, loan, and credit-processing capabilities, with interfaces to general ledger systems and reporting tools. It is high security of user personal data, user-friendly interfaces, and quick customer support.

This Core Banking Software has many features. See the below:

  • Transactions processing
  • Credits processing
  • Loans processing
  • Deposits processing
  • Withdrawals processing
  • Interest calculation
  • Payments processing

Let see the advantage of core banking software service:

  • Communication with Customers:  If you need to communicate with the customers through SMS or email, then you can do it with this banking software. This communication will make it as easy to send a message to every customer as it is to send a single message to an individual.
  • Online Banking Service:  Nowadays most people cannot go to the bank every day to stay busy. For that, we have added an online banking service to this software. As a result, you can do online banking anytime, anywhere.
  • Loan Management:  Once a loan is approved and distributed, then next work will be the maintenance is a matter of calculations. Our banking software will handle the task of calculating interest, penalties, and determining the proper monthly payments.

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