Dell Latitude E7470

Hi guys today I have a new unboxing and first impressions of a device that I’m really excited to review because I wanted a buy laptop online like this for a long time with these specs and this one seems to be exactly the one it’s the Dell Latitude 7470 and I reviewed less just for the 7450 and I liked it a lot but in terms of specs this seems to be exactly what I want and this is just the first impression so if this is about two weeks already out you should definitely check the info card for the full review so other than that I would say let’s open it and sorry maybe the camera is a little bit odd but I wanted to try something a little bit different I played a little bit so you know we will see about that I’m really excited for this one because it is an 13 inch which I already like in terms of size because that seems to be kind of the sweet spot for me because it’s a little bit bigger than 14 inches tips you want screen real estate but therefore it doesn’t really take up so much more space this is something that I’m really looking forward to ni7 skylake eight gigs of ram okay only eight I would have wished for maybe 16 but fine enough and all the rest of the good stuff.

So yeah just the debt on the bottom so let’s take it out and I’m really really excited to get my hands okay first impressions as you can see nice I refurbished laptops for sale like the carbon fiber because the last one didn’t have a definitely dead pronounced so I definitely already like that it feels kind of light to let’s compare just real quick with my MacBook in terms of size okay let’s put it on that should be pretty much okay as you can see it is a little bit wider a little bit yeah longer but actually okay considering that we have an almost an inch more why not let’s go to check the ports here Kensington lock ventilation SC card reader something you don’t see every day the LEDs for the status to bottom firings because okay that’s something that I’m really interested to see how well these will work out also oh cool it’s like new HD card reader fully inside that is something really nice headphone jack USB.

I guess this would be a SIM card tray and the great thing about the latitudes is the ports on the bottom here Ethernet HDMI display port USB 3.0 refurbished laptop dell again two pieces and the one for this so on the bottom we can see ventilation port for the docking station really cool if you want to use this as a decked desktop replacement these are again plastic fitted this is something that I don’t like about a latitude series because these tend to slip a little bit more on the desk a little bit yeah easier than my MacBook so we will see about that but other than that I have to say looks pretty nice now let’s try one thing let me try to open.

What do you think?

Written by Britshop