Dell Latitude E7440

The difference right away when it’s 1080p yeah you can’t so you can tell that it’s a higher-res it’s 14 inches yes it is it’s 14 inches and it’s 3.6 pounds so when you lift it up it is a little bit heavier on the heavier side of ultrabooks it comes with all the ports that you really need it has HDMI on the back USB 3.0 it has no 2.0 ports on it refurbished laptop dell and it has an Ethernet jack in case you need that this one also comes with wireless AC 2 instead of just Wireless and or a BG and N so really nice laptop very interesting the wireless the camera up at the top it’s pretty average but their speaker quality is really really high it gets so loud I was very impressed with that so my pros and cons with this really excellent build quality you can definitely do a lot of travel with it very nice screen.

I really like the resolution on it and the very loud speakers are super fun to play with now on the con side though the touchpad does lack a little bit of buy laptop online and you can kind of know that notice that when I move around on it but they do include the pointer stick right here just in case your you still like what is this users Watley seen it a lot lately the battery life on this it does have a battery on the back that you can take out yourself it only lasts about six hours which is kind of low-end for a pricey Ultrabook like this you can buy an extra battery if you really want to but I would not recommend it I would want the big battery that’s built-in and also the keyboard, of course, that does flex so if you are traveling and you’re looking for a nice ultrabook I would recommend it but that’s only.

If you buy the external battery in addition to this one so you can switch them out so I would have to give this one a try not necessarily a buy cuz it’s not for me but a try so this is the higher and $1,800 version of the refurbished laptops for sale Latitude this is the e7 4 4 0 70 440 3.6 pounds and I wasn’t joking it really is milspec at its it is yes I said milspec 800 I think is what they said 80 mg so that’s I don’t know what that means you can drop it out of a helicopter I don’t know it’s but you know and it looks nice it looks a little yeah it’s nice everyone to look at and as always with the Dell Latitude there are all sorts of features for integrating in the door Enterprise, yeah management features and all that’s plenty of that stuff is included through del Sol and they have excellent support as well so if you’d get quality with Dell products probably gonna your company’s gonna buy it for you yes in most cases yeah hey Thank You Shannon Shannon Morse nubs

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