Dell Latitude 7290

This is Lisa from mobile tech review and this looks a lot like something we reviewed about two months ago because it is a lot like it this is the Dell Latitude 7392 in one and two months ago we reviewed the 73-89 which was an Intel seventh-generation machine so the 7390 has been updated with Intel eighth-generation CPUs inside otherwise it’s the same lovable kind of black rubbery rugged yet compact about the same size as the Dell XPS 13 but the trick inside versus the XPS is it’s a two in one and it’s a two in one with full Intel Core i5 and i7 quad-core 15 watt CPUs as versus the y series kind of underpowered CPUs in the XPS 13 2 & 1 series so this goes up against the likes of the Lenovo x1 yoga and HP elite refurbished laptop dell we’re gonna look at it now so like the XPS 13 this is a 13.3 inch Ultrabook there’s a footprint that’s close there just something like a 12 inch with.

The 7390 series in the Dell Latitude 7000 series, in general, the 7000 is always a Highline in Dell lingo no matter whether there’s an Inspiron um you know anything like that with this one there’s actually a 12 inch two and one as well but that one’s Intel Core why CPU so less powerful lower-powered different kind of deal and there are also conventional buy laptop online models too so this is obviously the two-in-one has 360-degree hinges back here nice beefy and firm hinges and very stiff hinges in fact boy that’s quite amazingly stiff and the whole thing is very rugged and that’s the idea like a think pad I mean I’m not worried about doing this at all then this is something you don’t want to drop on your foot.

So that’s one of the selling points for it the nice soft touch rubbery finish means you probably won’t drop it as much so that’s a good thing it does pick up some refurbished laptops for sale it’s not too bad ports on this despite the fact that it’s compact and it helps that it’s not super duper skinny are pretty ample on this you’ve got several USB a ports you’ve got two USB see Thunderbolt 3 is optional you can’t get Thunderbolt 3 as an option though if you get the smart card reader that’s the slot where that would go probably this is not enough room for the Thunderbolt 3 daughter card that would be involved there now this is available as Core i5 and i7 into eighth generation KB like our quad-core 15 want users ultrabook see use just to make it so confusing Dell has the lowest and introductory model of this that’s still called the 7390 not this 73-89 but it has an Intel 7 generation Core i3 CPU okay that’s we’re just going to ignore that thing’s that’s too confusing and you might as well just go get an older 73-89 if you want to save a little bit of money.

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