Dell Latitude 7000

Dell Latitude 7000

Lovely looking but it does add a lot to the price $350 like I said and given the fact that this is already a fairly expensive proposition I think a lot of you may go for the 1080p display and you know that’s perfectly fine pixel density for something that’s thirteen point three inches we’re not talking a big screen here and just to show you the difference in reflectivity here this is the refurbished laptop dell XPS 13 with the same qhd+ display look how much more glare there is a reflection going on compared to the same on the latitude so you know I’ll take the it looks a little bit milky and super bright light versus having that much glare to deal with you know you could even look in the XPS 13 s display and clean your teeth easily you can’t really do that with a latitude note that just like the XPS 13 the penalty you pay for this near bezel is display is well a pretty good sized bezel at the bottom and there’s the chin cam so you’ll have the least flattering possible view of yourself when.

You’re using the 720p webcam for chatting back to the display itself for our qhd+ display color gamut is very good we have complete srgb coverage 80% of Adobe RGB gamma is off calibration in fact is off on this display I really really office so I I suggest that you get and use a color image or if you can’t if color accuracy matters to you because everything was too greenish brightest looking basically and calibration really helps that black anyway gamma level 1.9 2.2 would be desirable so that’s unusually far off sometimes we see 2.1 on laptops but 1.9 is pretty far off again calibration really helps with this the black level is good at 0.35 at maximum brightness we couldn’t get an accurate measurement of brightness the same thing happen with the XPS 13 because refurbished laptops for sale has some firmware level brightness and contrast management it looks at whatever is being displayed and it adjusts the display so even if you turn off all display power saving settings the thing still does it they claim 400 nits of brightness for the 1080p display 315 it’s for our qhd+ which eyeballing it I’d say that looks like it’s actually accurate but we couldn’t get accurate measurements the white point on this is 71 hundred degrees.

Kelvin and that’s pretty typical of laptops 65 to 66 buy laptop online degrees would be desirable but again calibration can can fix that and just to show you the difference with calibration on versus off right now we’re running it with calibration on and we’re gonna turn it off now it kind of looks overexposed and harsh doesn’t it this is how it looks out of the box boys and girls that’s not so cool so like I said you know we can get a color imager it’s a USB device with a companion software X right spider for pro fighter fly pro those are some popular ones you can run one hundred dollars or so hundred twenty five and it’s worth it for something like this really if you’re working with graphics and photo photos production that sort of thing typical of business laptops they actually expect.

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