Creating Smart Counter Top Displays That Would Attract Customers

We have always been there, rather, have experienced every bit of it. Waiting at the billing counter, trying to checkout, and finding this little, cutesy teddy bear, that you do not need, but you would still throw it in your cart because it looked super cute on the shelf.

Surveys show how at least one-third of the shoppers will make impulsive buys, and spend around $30 approximately on average. And most of these impulsive buys are done in physical stores. The designers put special effort into designing the counter top displays because we have already mentioned how it affects the impulsive buys among customers. While designing various glass cabinets and counter top displays, think about the point-of-view (POV) of the customers and how your displays would reflect the last-minute purchases.

How to Design the Most Effective Countertop Displays?

Here are some little tips and tricks that will help you design the best displays for your store, which would reflect on the sales, directly!

Using Distinct Signage

Using distinctive signage with proper graphics attracts your customers/potential customers. So, by the time the customers reach the cash counter, they have already picked up the stuff that they need. But the goal of the glass display cases near the counter or the various counter top displays is to indulge the buyers in impulsive shopping.

Distinctive signs across the store will guide the customers into buying the things they require at ease, hassle-free.

Keep It Simple and Focus on One Cost-Efficient Display at A Time

One of the many elements to keep it simple will be to have one countertop display at one time. Too many things at one time will spoil the whole thing. It would eventually distract and take away the focus from the main product. Having various types of products in glass cabinets around the counter will create confusion. The more options they have, the less they are attracted to buy any.

Also, while displaying products on counters remember that people buy only those products on a whim that will cost him around $20-30 extra. Something costlier won’t get a sale, because the customers have no plans to buy that. 

For example, at a clothing store, people can buy a scarf, or hair clips out of their impulsiveness, but not another dress, or a leather handbag.

It is Important to Choose the Right Products for The Countertop Displays

As mentioned earlier, keeping a price range for counter top displays is important, but it should be or look like clearance racks.

Some retailers even make the mistake of putting up the poorly sold items on these racks, to make sure that customers buy those items. But something that is not sold when inside the store, why would customers buy those impulsively?

If you just want to move the product that is poorly sold, you cannot be upset if customers do not buy those off the counter. You have to store things that people would want to buy. In a pandemic situation like this, hand sanitizers, surgical masks, sanitizer pens, wipes, etc would be great to be displayed on the counter top displays.

Make Sure to Change Your Countertop Display Frequently

What you will display will depend on the clientele base you have. Wider the audience, wider should be the range of products.

Also, the items need to be changed frequently, at least twice a month, or the products will lose their distinctiveness. It works great with repeat customers too. If he is regular to your store, and he sees the same items on display every time, he will lose interest in buying the products.

For bakeries, the small cube display cabinets can help in showcasing new products, small titbits, or things that are the day’s specials. While paying the bills, these products will catch the attention of the customers.

These little planning and strategies help in the ROI and increase of sales. Sort it out, go through pieces of advice by the market specialists, buy the right cabinets and you are all set!

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