Crate Training: Training Your Puppy To Love Their Crate.

Crate training is something a lot of puppy parents use as a management solution and a toilet training method. 

Right or wrong, whether you agree with it or not. Crates can be a hugely useful tool when applied correctly. By correctly? I do mean with limited time in there, with proper comfortable associations and such.

I only teach the correct application, so you’ll be safe working with me! 

Through this post I’ll guide you on how to create a crate that is perfect for your pup to settle down in, and how to make them eager to hop into and comfortable in their crate.

Start With A Properly Sized Crate

Once toilet training is complete, ideally, you want a crate in which they can spread out, fidget, move and do whatever they need to do to feel comfortable. If they have pointy ears, make sure their ears have enough space too, it’s a small consideration, but it’s all about making a zone where your woof feels totally comfortable. 

Whilst toilet training is still ongoing, a smaller space is advisable, but please remember to make sure there is enough room to fidget, move and lay out.

Then Make It As Comfortable As Possible!

Put in a bed, put in blankets. But this one is truly a case of knowing your dog? Knowing what they love is key here. For example, I’ll take Indie and Shelby. 

Indie is a double-coated dog who gets Really Really Hot. He won’t like having a lot of bedding, but he does like a comfortable spot, and it’s good to consider that his breed is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, so I definitely need him to be up off of the floor. So a cot, or a mattress is perfect for him

Where as Shelby? Loves warmth, and she likes to nest too, so giving her a blanket to scuff around as well as a bed? Means she can nest and nuzzle into her blanket even at the hottest of times.

Comfort means different things to different dogs, so try and figure out what your puppy needs for this to be their comfortable quarters! 

Cosy Is The Best!

This one can vary by meaning that if they have a blanket from their birth mother with her scent and their siblings? This one might be really valuable to them. 

Next to that? Something like a Heartbeat toy may make them feel less alone and much more cosy.

Then – what about you? We learned when looking at socialization that your puppy will feel more comfortable with things if you’re there too? Leveraging his familiarity with you can be really powerful, so an old nightshirt, t-shirt or something in there as it may also help them settle down. 

Then – what about the location of your pup’s crate?

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