Crafting a User-Friendly Admissions Portal

Learn how a user-friendly and deeply integrated admissions portal within Power School SIS delivers simplified enrollment processing and complete visibility into applicants.

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Crafting a User-Friendly Admissions Portal

A school's admissions portal serves as the first touchpoint for prospective families and sets initial perceptions. As such, the portal's user experience significantly impacts application completion rates and enrollment numbers. This article will explore best practices for crafting a parent-friendly admissions portal while outlining integration capabilities with robust student information systems (SIS).

Must-Have Capabilities

An exceptional admissions portal has the following characteristics:

⦁ Personalization - Display customized content for various audiences like international vs domestic applicants.

⦁ Mobile Responsiveness - Ensure optimal experience on all devices with no horizontal scrolling.

⦁ Simplified Navigation - Allow visitors to easily find desired information with clear IA.

⦁ Interactive Elements - Enable customized content configurations with profile creation.

⦁ Journey Tracking - Provide status updates throughout multi-stage admissions workflows.

Above all, the interface should focus on simplicity through clean layouts, chunked line items, quality visuals, and clear calls-to-action.

Robust Integrations

On the back-end, seamless integrations between the admissions portal and student information system enhance value:

⦁ Two-Way Sync - Changes made on either side automatically reflect across platforms.

⦁ Shared Services - Leverage SIS functionality like payment processing, communications, document uploads.

⦁ Unified Profiles - Applicant details transition into full enrolled profiles upon acceptance.

⦁ Access Management – Teachers, admins, counselors access appropriate data.

⦁ Lightweight Maintenance – Lower overhead with no duplicate data models.

With deep connectivity into existing education IT ecosystems, admissions managers gain holistic visibility while providing a modern portal experience.

Sample Admissions Portal Comparison

Portal Personalization Mobile-Friendly Easy Navigation Interactive Features Integrations

As shown above in the feature comparison, PowerSchool leads among admissions portal solutions by excelling in personalization, mobility, navigation, interactivity, and unification into existing education IT ecosystems.

Driving Portal Adoption

Once designed, driving user adoption relies on four key focus areas:

  1. Clear Messaging – Communicate value propositions through launch campaigns.
  2. Ongoing Training – Conduct virtual and in-person workshops for audience types.
  3. Proactive Support – Monitor usage metrics and provide assistance guiding behaviors.
  4. Continuous Optimization – Regularly gather firsthand feedback via surveys and interviews.

Following modern best practices ensures your new admissions portal delivers transformative results.


Q: Can custom fields be added to capture specialized applicant data?

A: Yes, leading solutions enable administrators to add custom form fields, page layouts, filters and more through configuration vs. coding for maximum flexibility.

Q: Does the admissions portal integrate with marketing automation platforms?

A: Quality solutions feature open API support to facilitate smooth data sharing with CRM and marketing automation platforms to enable personalized, targeted outreach at scale.

Meta Title: User-Friendly Admissions Portal | Simplify Enrollment Management with PowerSchool

Meta Description: Learn how a user-friendly and deeply integrated admissions portal within PowerSchool SIS delivers simplified enrollment processing and complete visibility into applicants.


As student recruitment grows more competitive, schools need advanced admissions portals facilitating simplified visitor experiences, interactive elements, smooth integrations, and data-insights to drive enrollment. Modern student information systems like PowerSchool SIS purpose-build portals to satisfy these needs. To explore capabilities hands-on, schedule a personalized demo today.

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