Cone Roof Storage Tank

China Cone Roof Storage Tank Factory Offers Cone Roof Fire Water Storage Tank, Above Ground Welded Tank, Steel ASTM A36, API 650, Max Over 260000 Gallon.
Name: Water Storage Tank.
Material (Reinforcing Pad): A36.
Material (Submerged Piping): ASTM A53B.
Covering Standandard: API 650.
Specification: ID 13000mm X H 8000mm.
Capacity to Top of Shell: 1,061 m3.
Working Capacity: 1,000 m3/1,000,000 Litre/Approx. 264,172 Gallon.
Design Liquid Level: 7.53 Meter.
Tank Weight(Empty): 571,955 N.
Tank Weight(Full of Water): 9,835,394 N. 
Max Operating Temperature: Ambient.
Allowable Stress: 160 Mpa.
Mini Design Metal Temperature: -1℃.
Shell Joint Efficiency: 0.85.
Bottom Seams: LWTSO.
Fixed Roof Seams: LWTSO.
Shell Seams: DBW.
Project: Mining Project in Saudi Arabian.

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