3 Key Skills Amateur Investors Can Learn from Stock Market Courses

The stock market is a scary place for people with no experience. Thankfully, people can learn the fundamentals of the…

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The Art of Algo Trading and The Application Areas

If you want to explore a new form of trading experience, then algo trading is the one for you. It…

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Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Automated Trading Systems To Script Success

You also refer to automated trading systems as mechanical trading mechanisms, system trading, automated trading, or algorithmic trading. This system…

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4 Most Overlooked Tax Credits and Deductions You Need to Know!

The IRS offers more than $1 trillion in tax deductions. You need to take advantage of that and claim your…

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Accounting Cycle

Accounting is the essential aspect when you become an entrepreneur. But what is it, exactly? What benefit does it bring…

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Why Cryptocurrency?? Why not Cryptocurrency!- Taxwink

investor a genuine question comes to our mind “Why Cryptocurrency??”. But with my limited knowledge and professional experience, I would…

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5 Reasons a Painting Franchise Opportunity Makes Sense

  Do you dream about starting a painting company? An investment in one of the best painting franchises can turn your hopes…

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What You’ve to Do to Get Your Tax Refund Faster

Waiting for your tax refund from the IRS can seem to take ages, especially when you’ve already planned on how…

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FUNCTIONS OF AI IN FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING: Can replicate human tasks:AI can do the human tasks which take a lot…

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Novel Patterns are technology enablers for Banks, Financial Institutions and Investment Management Firms.

Novel Patterns is a platform that brings cutting-edge technology in a cost-effective bundle to large businesses to automate their process…

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Series I Savings Bonds: A Safe Investment With A High Return

I get a lot of questions about money. These questions tend to vary based on the asker and her needs,…

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An Uncertain Future

On February 17th — in the middle of nine days without power due to an ice storm — we had…

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