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Cadbury Roses Large Carton 290g

 It’s like it’s meant to be something but yeah this is how hazelnuts look at some points in their life cycle okay so i’ve chopped it so it’s jump’s quite easy this is basically yeah it’s kind of like the equivalent of the big purple one or whatever and people will cause it because the camera’s so we’re soft it’s just falling apart when i hold it it’s all switched together um yeah so it’s like a big purple one in there in quality street the equivalent of so there you go so you can see half a whole hazelnut in caramel so one normally i would do i’m not a big fan of tall hazelnuts just normally have it in the spit the hazelnut out into the wrapper used to look a bit more used to be shaped a bit more like the big purple one as well okay so you can see it’s just because it’s also the camera’s so runny um it’s basically the same as the golden barrel caramel i think okay let’s give this one a go hmm mr the rest of the Cadbury Roses i don’t believe he’s doing it by the way hmm i’m all these i think it’s any other dermal kind of but i could be wrong hmm this one was quite soft the knife got through very easy as you saw there was no you know the knife just got straight through.

The hazelnuts it’s a very soft hazelnut at least in this case it is there as well i could taste it but it doesn’t have much of a taste actually and um i mean that’s crips UK just as well because i’m not a big it’s not fun and that was actually horrible hmm yeah that’s not too bad though it’s really the caramel as i say this is a bit like the the golden barrel so if you know what about probably about four four and a half again you know if you like hazelnuts you’ll see it’s even better for you all well you know i think i think i think i’m giving that one off as if i like hazelnuts really i didn’t really taste it to be honest with you it wasn’t too bad actually there’s a bit of my teeth in the moment but but still it was nice but yeah there’s always a bit hard to taste other than you know in a bit it was too soft i think you probably think it was a bit too soft really um i’m not sure i’m not he’s not connoisseur of particular fans so i don’t really know how he should be to be nice but um but for me.

Premium Taste:

It was because I couldn’t really taste it and it was so soft um yeah it may as well not have been there really so I think if you are a fan of these ones that one probably would be a bit disappointing so I’m not too sure but for British sweet it was nice I think about four or four and a half out of five and the fudge one now this one really I’m not keen on because I just think such it’s just Cadbury’s fudge which is a really budget low bar really and just it’s always been in roses and we should get rid of it they put it in the heroes as well you know it’s just get rid of it you know um I really don’t like it you know it’s just boring four centimeters long yeah one point five centimeters high and wide at one point seven yes you see even got like tire tracks that have been on conveyor belts as well you know it’s probably literally just segments of fudge from Cadbury’s fudge.

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