Body Yogurt: For Deep Skin Nourishment In Winters

Winter is here, and you need to moisturize your skin more regularly than ever. Your conventional cold cream and body lotion might not be offering you ample protection from the harsh cold weather. That is why you need more efficient formulations to amplify your body care this winter season. We are talking about body yogurts.

What is body yogurt?

Cold creams and body lotions were the only winter skincare options that people were dependent on in the past. However, today we are lucky to have more choices than ever before. From face creams, moisturizers, body lotions, and body oils, you can choose from various products to suit your skin and lifestyle. And body yogurt is one of these new options and comes with many advanced benefits.

The best body yogurt by CIEL Skincare is prepared using an optimum concentration of hyaluronic acid, which helps keep your skin hydrated for a long duration. It is a vegan product, so if you avoid animal derivatives in your skincare product, this body yogurt is an excellent option for you.

How to use body yogurt?

Body yogurt is a perfect way to keep your skin hydrated in the winter months when low temperatures are very hard on the skin. To attain maximum benefits from a body yogurt, make sure to apply it generously two times a day. Because not everyone has the time for a long, time taking body care routine every day, this body yogurt makes it easy by working even on damp skin (so you can apply it right out of the shower). Gently massage the body yogurt all over your neck, arms and body while concentrating more on the areas where you may have dry patches or rough skin. You don’t need any applicators to make it work. Just use your fingers to massage effectively.

What are the benefits of body yogurt?

Body yogurt gets absorbed into your skin in just a few seconds which is why it offers instant results. You don’t even have to dry yourself off completely after your bath to apply body yogurt. You can just use it right after a shower when your skin is still damp. Body yogurt is non-sticky and non-oily, which works on your skin from within. Plus, it is a clean skincare product, so you can be rest assured that it doesn’t contain any sulphates, parabens or any other harmful ingredients.

How often should you use body yogurt?

Even though there isn’t any standard rule, you can use body yogurt in any way that is helpful for your skin. To achieve maximum benefits, you can use body yogurt at least twice a day, once in the morning and again at night before sleeping. Apart from this, however often your skin requires it.

Which body yogurt is the best?

We recommend the Very Berry Body Yogurt by CEIL. It is an incredibly smooth gel-cream that nurtures your skin and leaves it feeling smooth and supple. It is non-sticky and quickly gets absorbed into your skin which is why it works excellent for a morning and night skincare routine. CIEL’s Very Berry Yogurt is packed with quintessential ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, blueberry extract, almond oil, cranberry, and strawberry extract. All these ingredients work together to provide you with long-lasting and intense hydration, strengthen your skin’s barrier, boost collagen production, rejuvenate and brighten your skin. And what’s more, the fragrance is powered by a mix of berries and is just as delicious.

Body yogurt is non sticky and light weight, making it an excellent option to keep your skin soft in warmer months as well. With so many benefits, body yogurts make a great choice to keep your skin healthy and nourished. So make sure to get your hands on the best body yogurt for dry skin and use it regularly.

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