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Barrat Retros 630g

Just one part now sighs wonderful point to deliver Crisps yeah what 7 centimeters again I once I just say yes someone didn’t come to my door knee and say I was just on the orange on wasn’t that so where is so anyone has quite a nice picture of an orange on there actually yeah I can make that out yeah yes well they all say I’m sure at 7 centimeters when am i coming from measuring now we had 2.7 now so as well as to the worst grab one spot so this one’s a cream one so it will be a bit messy but see how we get on when I bite it mmhmm mm-hmm wrinkle I don’t member been an orange column and young boy just tested all the ones really yeah that’s quite interesting quite nice yeah I’ll do prefer this one to the quite a street orange cream really so you know I don’t taste a recently but there’s quite a nice quite sweet cream very sweet bottom doesn’t ice off though orange taste to it mm-hmm mmm yeah good four to five definitely you know so it’s perfect but it’s so nice yeah you could work I need too many of them.

But here we go so got the golden Barrel on this is the classic one you spoon used to be in foil wrap this one and then the power wrap is to actually look like a barrel on the wrapping paper example there just looks like this oh he does have a barrel in meat on the crisps UK or it used to yes again in the past seven centimeters and a six point nine, in this case, I feel like the way that when you open it some of them lose the color like that’s very shame but promise you to know we’re not solid oversee hotel so again it’s not one of these you know square ones but it does look like a barrel in this case these half a barrel okay not bad yeah one point this the roses went crazy got too many, yes about two point six too many caramels in them no doubt the at this one at the chewy caramel the other sort of Cadbury’s caramel one you know that was in here and then they had another caramel as well having a dark caramel or something mmm sell out for caramels.

 it’s just ridiculous you know okay let’s kiss one so it’s gonna be running again I think so hmm it’s always been a favorite song as well you really like when you younger than them mmm that’s money caramel very runny there’s a nice British Sweet as well yeah hmm I don’t think it’s cabbies camera I’m not sure I really used to be different not to tell now hmm well if they have just replaced the you know cuz these stuff like Cubs come on whether they’ve just replaced it and hmm my sure well sure I don’t what to make of that mmm-hmm do face just cabbies camera now and they’ve not got a different recipe hmm picky might be you know I think I’m having a bit cheeky there also do stop both at once you know the cabbage can those drawers in peril let us taste surprising like remarkably like cameras caramel so it’s still nice though goodbye to find the pink chubby dream don’t yeah so it’s the same you know yes same old affair seven centimetres there’s a you know this one those tap ones be like the orange one yeah that’s a seven Sena means it’s not quite just scrunched up.

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