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Avoid The Top 6 Mistakes Of Baby Feeding

Do you want to know the few mistakes that most of the parents make while baby feeding? Want to be sure that you are feeding your baby properly? You will get all information here. Our article is perfect for you. When it comes to feeding your baby, you are worried about that. So, yes, we do understand your concerns. That is why we would share with you the top 6 mistakes that you should avoid.

To begin with, parenting is not easy at all. And the biggest challenge that the parents face in the early stage of their baby is feeding. Especially when your little munchkin is moved from having breastmilk to solid foods, it is difficult. So, we will share with you the top 6 mistakes of baby feeding. Additionally, you can buy baby food online in India as well.

1. Do Not Rush To Introducing Solid Food:

Some parents believe that solid foods fill up the baby’s tummy and will aid the baby to have a good sleep. Well, it is not the case. In fact, they introduce solid foods to the baby even before 5 to 6 months of age. However, to be honest, pediatrics do not acknowledge this practice.

2. Cereal Before 6 Months Of Age:

Some parents consider cereal as the best food for the baby, and thereby, they introduce cereal before the baby can be of 6 months old. In addition, some parents delay introducing solid foods like daal khichdi, but they consider introducing multigrain cereal for babies will help them grow. However, pediatrics never advise parents to do that. Furthermore, introducing cereal before 6 months may cause constipation in the baby.

3. Late Introduce Of Solid Foods:

As it is not advisable for parents to introduce solid foods early, it is also not recommended to introduce them late. However, some parents think introducing solid food after 9 months will be good for the baby. Although doctors always instruct to introduce solid foods in between 6 to 9 months for the baby.

4. Worrying Too Much:

It is seen that some parents worry too much when their baby spits up milk or food. Well, you should not worry about it. It is quite natural for the baby to spit up his/her milk, multigrain cereal for babies, or any other foods. Pediatrics have advised parents not to be worried when they see their baby spit up food.

5. Careful To Avoid Choking Hazards:

Parents are always advised to be extra careful about the choking hazards of their babies. As the baby grows older, he/she will start to pick up food to eat or eat foods with fingers; this is when parents need to be cautious. You may not know, but hungrybums has plenty of variations when it comes to cereal!

6. Avoid Feeding Packed Fruit Juice:

Many parents consider feeding packed juice nutritious for the baby and buy packed juice or buy baby food online in India with extra calories. Instead, do slice/mash the fresh fruits for your baby.


So. we have discussed with you the top 6 mistakes that parents make. Do avoid those to keep your baby healthy.

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