Australian Visa: How to get it?

Planning to travel to Australia but having questions about an Australian visa?

Rest assured that, in this article, we’ll explain you step-by-step how and where to get yours, detailing what you need to get out and how much you’ll have to shell out, as well as clarifying other various questions that other travelers also have about the process.

And more: they are special guidelines and tips from a professional visa advisor, so that you have access to reliable and quality information. Check out Tips for Visa Interview

#Curiosity: the process to get a visa for Australia is done 100% online, with no need for interviews or face-to-face visits to the consulate!

A common question for many travelers is: where to get a visa for Australia? And the answer is precisely one of the main advantages of this visa: the entire process is done over the internet (from requesting to receiving the visa), for those who want to obtain temporary visas (tourism, business or studies, for example). What happens is that the Australian government provides an electronic authorization to enter Australia, which will be consulted on the airline’s own system at check-in. Keep reading the article to better understand where to get a visa to Australia online.

How to get an Australian visa? Step by step

1) Register on the Australia Department of Immigration website

The first thing to do is create a record on the official website of the Department of Immigration Australia. Just enter the email address you prefer and choose a password (it’s a good idea to fill in the account you use most often, as it is via email that you will receive your visa). Once you have registered, a confirmation email will be sent.

2) Fill in the online application form

After creating a registration, it is time to fill in the official form to apply for an Australia visa. All requests are made in English (questions and answers). So, if you don’t master the language, it’s worth having help in this matter.

Do this step very carefully, as this is where travelers often make the biggest mistakes.

To start, click on “New application” and choose the type of application you want to make. Select “Student” for students and “Visitor” for other types of temporary visas.

The questionnaire has an average of 8 pages and starts with questions such as: which country you are currently in, where your passport was issued and what is the intention/reason for visiting Australia.

The other questions ask for personal data and information (such as family, employment and document data, such as passport), how long you will stay in Australia, how you will finance your trip, among other relevant questions for the evaluation of your visa by the Department of Immigration.

Once you’re done, check out all the responses.

3) Pay the visa fee

With the form ready, the next step is to pay the visa fee. The fee can only be paid via the internet and an international credit card is required.

You can check the amount of the fee later.

4) Attach the necessary documents

Once the payment has been made, you need to attach all the necessary documentation. This is the most bureaucratic step and is very important to verify the information and data you have entered on the application form.

5) Wait for the visa approval or denial response by email

Finally, just wait. You will receive the answer whether your visa was approved or not in the email you registered on the website. With an approved Australia visa, it is worth printing the e-mail and taking it with you on the day of travel, if requested at Australian immigration.

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