Are You Looking at Restaurant Franchises for Sale?


If you’re thinking about getting into the restaurant franchises business, then it’s probably safe to say that you’re a “people” person—you like meeting, dealing with, and being of service to people, and making people happy they met you. The hospitality industry—and the restaurant sector in particular—is one of the most personal, direct, and intimate “people” industries you’ll find.


If you want to operate a thriving franchise restaurant, your development depends on you being prepared to turn every diner who walks through your restaurant’s doors into a satisfied—and enthusiastic—customer. The best franchise restaurant brands are those that help their franchise owners do exactly that.



The Highest Rung on the Ladder of Customer Satisfaction


Contrary to the time-honored saying, never be satisfied with “satisfied customers.” Satisfied customers can help keep your restaurant busy. But you can aim higher.


As with any people business, if you want to grow your business, help cultivate an influx of new customers, and take steps to maintain your restaurant’s financial stability, you’ve got to create enthusiastic customers.



The Secret Sauce: Something Extra!


In any business, one way to turn satisfied customers into loyal, enthusiastic customers is to offer your patrons more than they were expecting, something that will make them so happy they will want to rush outside to sing your restaurant’s praises—and recruit an audience to listen!


Some of the most popular “something extra’s” that many restaurant franchises for sale offer their patrons as a way of building and mobilizing customer enthusiasm include:



    • Mobile coupons
    • Frequent diner programs
    • Two-for-one offers
    • Customer polls / feedback surveys
    • Referral programs
    • Complementary food and drink
    • Waitstaff incentives
    • Customer recipe contests



However, in any people business—and most especially in the restaurant business—the single most important something extra you can offer is—you guessed it!—great service. In the end, it’s the quality of the service that you and your employees provide your customers that can win the day. In fact, in some surveys restaurants discover that their patrons rank the quality of the restaurant’s service above the quality of its food.


Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill is a testament to this type of elevated customer service. These franchise restaurants’ signature 30-2-10 philosophy guides each and every customer interaction.



    • Within 30 seconds of being seated, guests must be greeted and have their drink order taken.
    • Within 2 minutes, those drinks must be delivered to the table.
    • Within 10 minutes of a food order being taken, those appetizers or meals must be served.


This focus on service is just one way Hotshots offers “something extra” to generate customer goodwill, loyalty and enthusiasm.


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Written by Michelle Austin

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