Applications of Bubble Wrap Rolls in Packaging

Bubble wrap rolls are a packaging product used in the shipping industry all the time. It is a transparent plastic package that comes with air-filled pockets spaced equally.

These air pockets act as a cushioning agent for fragile, breakable items. The bubble wrap protects the products from road impacts, compression, shock, and sometimes humidity change. 

Although bubble wrap rolls are used to wrap pretty much anything in the shipping industry, some of the major applications are:

Sensitive items

Electrical appliances and electronic products are delicate. They usually spend quite some time in transit, so their safety can be compromised if not protected well.

These items also need to be protected from static-induced electric charge.

Even a gentle fall or compression can result in dangerous damage. Wrapping these items in anti-static large bubble wrap ensures product safety against static-induced electric charge.

Breakable products

A lot of times, sculptures, chinaware, mirrors, paintings, and glass chandeliers stay in transit for a long time. These items are delicate and pretty susceptible to damage due to long roads.

It is always imperative to wrap these in bubble wraps to prevent the glasses from shattering because of road impacts or compression. 


Today, you can order anything online. And online furniture stores are mushrooming everywhere.

The online retailers have to make sure that the product reaches the customers, dent or scratch-free.

As an online e-commerce store, you need to spend extra money and attention on packaging supplies. Thus, many furniture pieces come with bubble wrappers.

Some furniture is quite fragile. For example, glass tabletops, cabinet doors, or vintage furniture. These need extra care.

After wrapping them in layers of bubble wrap rolls to provide cushioning against vibration, you also need to place ‘fragile packing tapes.’ This will alert the handlers to be extra cautious while handling these breakable products.

Sentimental items

While moving houses, there are several heirlooms, old books, boxes that hold a certain sentimental value.

Even if most of these items are stored away in the garage, wrapping them up properly ensures their lasting. Bubble wrap helps to keep these items moisture-free and safe.

Some unexpected ways to use bubble wrap rolls

Due to their broad use in the shipping and moving industry, we all have some bubble wraps at our home or at the office.

There are some very unexpected yet brilliant applications of used bubble wraps.

Keeping foods cold

Don’t you hate when frozen foods get melty while shopping?

Next time carry a bubble wrap will you and use them as insulating bags. It will keep the foods frosty.

Maintain shapes of shoes and bags

There is a reason why purses or shoes come with foam inside them.

If you have tossed away these foams, then use bubble wrap to stuff. It will hold the shape of the shoes and bags efficiently.

Use large bubble wraps pieces for boots and make them stand tall at the back of your wardrobe.

Save your plants from frost

Bubble wrap rolls can be a lifesaver for gardeners.

Protect your plants from intense weather conditions (frost, heavy rains) with spare bubble wraps. Cut and mould these wraps into the shape of the plants. 

You can also use them to protect the tiny seedlings by keeping the soil warm. When the temperature gets warm enough, just take them out of their tent!

Storing dishes

Cabinet spaces can be limited, especially if you are living in the city. Pots, dishes, expensive dinner sets can have scratches and scrapes if stacked together for long.

Cut out small sizes of bubble wraps to create a pad and insert them in between each dish. The clinging will go down, so will the scratches.

Preventing water pipes from freezing

Buy a good-quality bubble wrap roll and cover the pipes with the plastic before the freezing temperature arrives.

This would protect the vulnerable pipes from freezing up and bursting.

With the winters approaching, bubble wraps will come in handy a lot. It can be used to keep your rooms warm and cosy on cold winter nights as well.

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Written by Wellpack Europe