AOT Chapter 138 Leaks: Will They Make Us Happy Or Pissed Off?

The Attack on Titan novel by Titan writer Scott Andrews is part three of the epic Attack on Titan series. In the previous chapter, we’ve witnessed the rise of humanity’s most significant battle foes, the titans. They’ve appeared in the past in dreams and legends, but now they have manifested in a real-world scenario. If you haven’t read the first two Attack on Titan books, then this book may be too “big” for you, but it’s well worth reading. In this third book, we learn what the titans plan to do to the galaxy and how to stop them from doing it.

It’s always good when science fiction authors tie in their stories, but this one goes way out over the top. At first, I thought this was just a big fanfiction homage to the original AOT Chapter 138 leaks TV show. Then I saw the final chapter, and it suddenly became apparent that wasn’t the case. Instead, it’s the story of the second-year students and how their experiences with the titans changed them forever. No show or book has done as amazing a job developing and validating fan theories as this one.

There are several theories and Easter Eggs scattered throughout the book, but none are entirely explained. One popular idea is that the titans used humans as test subjects for some of their experiments. The second half of the book details some of the experiments that went awry and ties in the last chapter’s “Cold Hard Truth” about what the titans want to be done with the remaining humans on the planet. The leaks give some hope that humanity may finally gain the upper hand and fight the titans directly.

The leaders aren’t sure who to thank for the leak or why it was needed in the first place. One character says that they don’t know where they came from – or who sent them. So naturally, a leak by an insider strengthens their position since the writer knows everything and isn’t afraid to say exactly what they want to be done. This is just one example of how readers can support a leak – by telling us what goes on at work.

Fans of AOT Chapter 138 leaks, who love the novel, probably aren’t too upset about this latest development. They’ll still enjoy the story and the engaging characters. However, those fans who are only marginally familiar with the source material will be less so. The novel is written in an easy-to-read style, making it accessible to all ages and includes some very likeable characters.

The leaks aren’t particularly new, but the further information may make the reading experience a little more exciting. One central question is if the titans were seen in the last chapter. We don’t know, but the leak adds to the excitement and drama of the story. AOT Chapter 138 leaks author Hajime Isayama has already mentioned that the events in the last chapter will be used as a backdrop for the novel’s conclusion. So, expect an exciting end to an excellent story.

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