An Introduction of Current-Limited Power-Distribution Switchers

The TPS2552/53 is a current-limited, power-distribution switch using N-channel MOSFETs for applications where short circuits or heavy capacitive loads will be encountered and provide up to 1.5 A of continuous load current. These devices allow the user to program the current-limit threshold between 75 mA and 1.7 A (top) via an external resistor. Additional device shutdown features include overtemperature protection and reverse-voltage protection. The device incorporates an internal charge pump and gate drive circuitry necessary to drive the N-channel MOSFET. The charge pump supplies power to the driver circuit and provides the necessary voltage to pull the gate of the MOSFET above the source. The charge pump operates from input voltages as low as 2.5 V and requires little supply current. The driver controls the gate voltage of the power switch. The driver incorporates circuitry that controls the rise and fall times of the output voltage to limit large current and voltage surges and provides built-in soft-start functionality. There are two device families that handle overcurrent situations differently. The TPS2552/53 family enters constant-current mode while the TPS2552-1/53-1 family latches off when the load exceeds the current-limit threshold. Click the link to check more details!

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