Among Fast Food Franchises: 3 Key Reasons The Buffalo Spot Stands Out


There are few industries as connected to the modern way of life in the USA as the fast food industry. Those exploring fast food franchises for sale will surely find a number of long-standing opportunities with deep roots in serving traditionally busy (fast) American lifestyles.


But if you’re hoping to look beyond the original fast food franchise giants with decades of history (and giant franchise investment price tags to match), you might wonder, what new and different kind of offering can an entrepreneur discover these days?


The Buffalo Spot, home of our famous buffalo fries, stands out as a fast food franchise for many reasons, including a simple approach to convenience and overall fast food franchise cost. In this article, we are sharing three key points that help explain the attractiveness of the quick service marketplace as a franchising avenue overall, and also how The Buffalo Spot aligns with a few special considerations by potential franchise owners.




The term “fast food” may be used to describe purchased meals or snacks that feature a short preparation time and are served to a guest in a ready-to-eat, packaged form. The United States has long been one of the dominant and largest fast food industries the world. Today, there are more than 300,000 fast food restaurants in the U.S., highlighting the decades long trend of fast food franchises being seen as a worthy business endeavor to consider for new restaurant operators, owners and investors.


First popularized in the U.S. in the 1950s, early fast food restaurants ended up positioning their brands on the convenience they offered to American families with full lifestyles. The post-World War II era, giving rise to the baby boomer generation, had also given way to a thriving middle class that was more than ready to move on from the lean, hard times families had endured in the Great Depression. Perhaps the fast food franchise category was set to take off from the start, then, offering a solution to not only quickly feed a family a full meal they enjoyed, but also give parents the luxury of a night off from kitchen duty.



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Written by Michelle Austin

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