Affordable Custom Made Rugs

We recognise that every space is unique when it comes to Affordable Custom Made Rugs,- life would be so dull if that weren’t the case! No of the form or size of your living space, our new Affordable Custom Made Carpets programme ensures that you may have gorgeous rugs that suit exactly. Custom Rugs at a Discount! Choose from a variety of patterns and hues of performance Affordable Custom Rugs that are ready to be displayed in any location.

Send Us Your design

Choose from over 5000 designs or submit your favourite drawing, image, artwork, inspiration, or narrative with us and we’ll turn it into a reality.

Design Freeze

A mat the basics Designer will contact you to finalise the product specifics. You will be sent a technical drawing and a rendering for approval.

Carding and Spinning

For Custom Rugs at Discount Price, We carefully picked wool becomes yarn in the hands of Katwaris, craftsmen who layer its strands together, remove filth and knots, and eventually channel centuries of Indian tradition on a charka, a spinning wheel.

Village Updates

Stay in touch with us as we keep you updated on the progress of your rug. Learn about the artists who are weaving your rug as well as the village in which they live.

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