Sundarban Trip: Story of the Land Beyond the Bengal Tigers

Do you know that there are so many things to explore on a Sundarban Trip other than the Bengal tigers? If not, then you should not miss this article.

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Sundarban Trip: Story of the Land Beyond the Bengal Tigers

Sundarbans – the largest mangrove in the world shares a part of it with West Bengal. The land that houses India’s national animal, has so many things to attract a tourist especially those who love to explore the forests and wildlife. In this article, we will highlight the wonders of the land to make your next Sundarban Trip a memorable one. 


Mangrove: The Sundari Wonderland 

The name ‘Sundarbans’ has been named after the Sundari Trees. The trees with their excellent height and girth have been saving the land from its birth. However, the careless cutting of the trees is taking them to the verge of extinction. Let’s focus on the good part here. These Sundari trees are the most prevalent among the mangrove species which thrive in the delta region. Sundarbans is situated on such delta land that is formed by the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and the Padma. This geographic location of the trees let them to survive at their best, making it the largest mangrove ecosystem on Earth. One more fact to add that the Sundarbans National Park is a UNESCO Heritage site which is also an important example of ongoing ecological processes.

Wildlife: Nature’s Treasure in the Land

The literal Bengali meaning of Sundarbans is – ‘Beautiful Forest’. The rich diversity of flora and fauna adds to its beauty. Want to explore the land? Book cheap packages for Sundarban and witness the breathtaking biodiversity of the Mangrove. The area houses the species of 260 birds, 49 mammals, 59 reptiles, and 8 amphibians. Not only the Royal Bengal Tiger, but the Estuarine Crocodile, and Indian Python are also native to this land. 


The Biosphere Reserve of Sundarban consists of the Sundarban Tiger Reserve, Sundarban National Park, and Sajnakhali Wildlife Sanctuary with Halliday Island (the buffer area). The residents of this place are the fishing cats, wild cats, pangolins, flying foxes, salt-water crocodiles, monitor lizards, and Gangetic dolphins. These creatures attract wildlife lovers from all over the world. 


Delta Safari: Live A Day in Boat 

Maybe Sundarbans is the only place in India where wildlife safaris are done by boat. If you ask any travel agency in Kolkata you can easily get an affordable Sundarban package to experience the wildlife of the place on a boat. While sailing, you can spot a Bengal tiger swimming or drinking water on the bank or you can spot a Cheetal deer, a salt-water crocodile, and the beautiful Gangetic dolphins. 


In these boats you can rest, can taste Bengal delicacies while enjoying the view of the surroundings. Netidhopani, a part of Sundarban is surrounded by dense mangrove forest. It is crisscrossed by canals and creeks that create a complex network of waterways. Here, you can find a watch tower also. From this tower, you can spot several animals including a plethora of bird species.


You can experience a boat ride in the dense area of Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary which is located near Netidhopani. This wildlife sanctuary is a hotspot region and serves as an eco-tourism hub in Sundarbans.


History & Mythology: Taking Back to The Time 

Other than the mangroves and the tigers, there is a small village on the banks of the Matla River in Sundarbans. The village was named after the Governor-General Charles Canning. There remains the trace of his Canning Port Project – which is known as ‘Canning House’. In the heart of the mangrove forest inside the island of Gosaba, you can spot another historical site – Hamilton Bungalow. On one side of the bungalow, there is the Ganges and on the other side of it, there is the Bay of Bengal. If you have the option of a Customized tour for Sundarban add this place to your itinerary. 


You may not forget the name Netidhopani which is mentioned above also. This place has a historical significance too. The locals believe here resides the Hindu goddess ‘Banbibi’ who is protecting the forest and all its living beings from every danger. Also, here you can find the mark of an ancient temple that was dedicated to lord Shiva. According to researchers, the temple is centuries old which instigates us to believe in the historical significance of the place. 



Sundarbans has so many things that can satisfy the soul of a nature lover. The forest land gives place not only to the Bengal Tiger but also to the vast species of endangered creatures. The land also has a historical significance that makes it worthy enough to pay a visit. 

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