QuickBooks Error Codes List And Easy Solutions To Fix in 2024

QuickBooks Desktop and Online error codes with easy troubleshooting solutions to get the software back up and running.

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QuickBooks Error Codes List And Easy Solutions To Fix in 2024

Dealing with confusing QuickBooks error codes interrupting your accounting workflow can be frustrating. Here is an essential list of common QuickBooks Desktop and Online error codes with easy troubleshooting solutions to get the software back up and running.

As a widely-used accounting platform, QuickBooks has its fair share of errors users may encounter. Identifying error codes quickly and implementing proven troubleshooting techniques can minimize downtime.

Common QuickBooks Error Codes

Some frequent error codes include:

  • Error 3371 - Unable to connect to QuickBooks server.
  • Error 80070057 - File permissions issue on Windows OS.
  • Error 6000 77 - Report display failure.
  • Error 80029c4a - Software update failure.
  • Error OL-301 - Company file not found on login.
  • Error PS038 - Payroll direct deposit failure.

Troubleshooting Error 3371

Error 3371 often indicates:

  • Internet connectivity problems to QuickBooks servers.
  • Network firewall blocking access.
  • Antivirus software conflicts.
  • Incorrectly configured VPN connection.

Solutions include:

  • Checking internet connection stability.
  • Adding firewall exceptions for QuickBooks.
  • Temporarily disabling antivirus tools.
  • Disconnecting VPN when using QuickBooks.

Fixing Error 80070057

Error 80070057 is usually caused by:

  • Insufficient Windows user folder permissions.
  • Antivirus quarantining company files.
  • QuickBooks folder not excluded from scanning.

To fix, try:

  • Providing full control Windows folder access.
  • Adding QuickBooks folder to the antivirus exclusion list.
  • Verifying file access permissions.

Preventing QuickBooks Errors

Reduce errors by:

  • Maintaining a stable internet connection.
  • Regularly updating QuickBooks version.
  • Scheduling periodic file optimizations.
  • Backing up company files frequently.
  • Managing file sizes under 150GB.
  • Installing the latest Windows and security updates.

When to Call Support

If troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, leverage QuickBooks customer support resources:

  • In-depth error code guides and community forums.
  • Chat and phone support for real-time troubleshooting.
  • Email ticket support requests for deeper investigations.
  • Remote support sessions for complex multi-user errors.

QuickBooks experts can resolve persistent or tricky error scenarios.


Identifying common QuickBooks error codes and applying targeted troubleshooting techniques can swiftly fix most issues and restore interrupted accounting workflows. Preventing errors proactively and leveraging QuickBooks support provides extra assistance in resolving lingering errors.


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