Instant Solution to Print an Outlook Email to Adobe PDF

Print an Outlook Email to Adobe PDF

May 23, 2024 - 17:07
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Instant Solution to Print an Outlook Email to Adobe PDF

We understand that MS Outlook saves email files in PST format, which is a well-managed file format; nevertheless, if the number of files increases, it causes problems and makes it harder to handle those files; this is why users desire to change the file format from PST to PDF. But now the issue arises: what is the simplest and safest method of conversion?

So, in this session, we'll explore the approaches for converting PST to PDF format files and attempt to find the answer to the question.

"Is there a method to convert all my MS Outlook PST files to Portable Document Format? If so, how can I transfer an Outlook email to an Adobe PDF utilizing that method?

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Why only PDF, not other file formats?

As with PDF files, we may easily transfer files to any other external device, and the practicality of this file format is rapidly rising. This file format is widely accepted and can be used legally. It has far greater compression capabilities and can be carried on pen drives, mobile phones, hard disks, and other file-carrying equipment.

PDF files can be opened in practically every display device that supports Adobe Reader. Because of the free distribution of Adobe Reader, it has become the most affordable file format. It can be guarded with a passcode, and only people who know the password to the files can access them.

Manual Method to Convert PST Files to PDF Format

This technique is difficult to master since it requires numerous professional processes that a non-professional cannot complete. If you have a small number of files, you can try the manual conversion method; however, if you have a large number of files, I recommend that you do not use the manual conversion method since it is confusing and produces irrelevant results. Your files may be erased or corrupted while using the manual procedure. This converting method does not allow you to transfer large amounts of files.

Professional Technique for Exporting Outlook Emails to Adobe PDF Format

Because manual techniques are inherently inaccurate, I recommend using Softaken Outlook PST To PDF Converter software, which provides numerous options for converting files correctly. It includes some advanced features such as -

Bulk Transfer - The program enables you to convert multiple files at the same time and can change all of their details such as attachments, photos, hyperlinks, email headers, and so on.

View Files Before Conversion - We can view the chosen files before conversion, which allows us to simply deselect irrelevant files.

Location Selection - The user can pick the location where the converted files will be saved so that they can be found easily.

It includes numerous additional functions and advanced choices that may be controlled by both technical and non-technical users. It is compatible with all Windows operating systems and MS Outlook versions.

Understand the Processing Steps of the PST Converter.

To understand how to convert an Outlook email to an Adobe PDF, follow these simple steps:- 

·         Download and install the Converter software, then launch it.

·         Choose Add Files or Add Folder.

browse pst

·         Then, examine the selected files in the preview.

pst file preview

·         For converting your files to PDF format, first select the desired format and then browse.

·         Finally, click the Convert button. After conversion, you will see a notification stating that the conversion was completed correctly.

Conclusions –

I believe you can now easily figure out how to print Outlook email to Adobe PDF because the PST Converter contains all of the essential and sophisticated processing tools that allow you to transfer files with a few simple clicks. You may also test its free demo edition to acquire a better understanding of the procedure and the tool's capabilities. The free edition allows you to convert only 25 email PST files. 

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