The Ultimate Solution To Migrate MAC Outlook to Windows Outlook - 2024

The Ultimate Solution To Migrate MAC Outlook to Windows Outlook - 2024

May 27, 2024 - 17:36
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The Ultimate Solution To Migrate MAC Outlook to Windows Outlook - 2024

Microsoft Outlook is accessible for both MAC and Windows operating systems, however the formats and structures for storing emails differ. As a result, customers want the best OLM converter program for transferring data from OLM to PST.

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How can I manually move MAC Outlook to Windows Outlook?

If you choose a manual way, you will need to follow various stages, but there is no guarantee of safe conversion. It is also possible that the entire mailbox remains unchanged.

  • In the first step, connect your Mac Outlook account to Gmail utilizing the IMAP protocol.
  • In the second step, re-configure the Gmail account in Outlook using IMAP.

The whole manual process can be found here: How can I manually migrate OLM to PST?

Best OLM to PST converter for migrating Outlook from Mac to Windows

I am confident that most users avoid manual conversion from OLM to PST, thus I will give the most dependable and correct application tool.

Softaken Mac OLM to PST Converter program is a wonderful solution created in response to extensive feedback, and it is the greatest automatic program for exporting Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. The user does not need a technical background to use the suggested solution. It is designed with a simple interface that allows you to export OLM emails, contacts, calendars, attachments, and other data to PST format.

How to Convert MAC Outlook to Windows Outlook?

• Download and install the OLM to PST converter tool on any Windows platform.

• To load an OLM data file, run the software and select the Add File button.

• To transfer MAC OLM to PST in bulk, use the Export option.

• Choose PST file format and then navigate to the same place.

• Choose PST and click the export button again to begin the migration.

Conclusion –

Here, I've explained a simple procedure Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. Any user who needs to transfer OLM files to PST format can utilize the procedure described above or first transfer OLM files to PST format using the software's trial or free edition.

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