Maximize Your Savings: The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Bill Payment Offers

From being careful about paying bills on time to knowing which credit card offers suit your spending habits, here’s how to enhance your savings. 

Apr 12, 2024 - 15:20
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Maximize Your Savings: The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Bill Payment Offers

Are you simply using your credit card to make cashless payments? While this is an undeniable advantage, it’s not all you can do with a credit card. When you use it smartly, a credit card can help you save money. Thanks to features like reward points, discounts, credit card bill payment offers and cashback, you can boost your savings with the right card.

From being careful about paying bills on time to knowing which credit card offers suit your spending habits, here’s how to enhance your savings. 


Know Your Credit Card Inside Out

First things first, choose the right credit card. The best way to go about this is to see which specific spending categories offer the most rewards on deals. Then, match these to your lifestyle and transactions.

Use these pointers to ensure you pick the best card:

  • Choose a credit card that doesn’t have a rewards redemption fee

  • Go for a lifetime-free credit card or one that offers a waiver when your spending crosses a limit that you can easily match 

  • Get a card with the lowest interest rate 

  • Select a credit card that comes with an app for easy reference of credit card offers 

  • Pick a credit card that allows you to easily set spending limits 

  • Choose a card that allows you to use rewards points to pay your bill

Next, learn all you can about your chosen card’s fees, interest rate, rewards program, and redemption process. A card with affordable fees and charges helps you save more as you swipe. 


How to Credit Card Bill Payment Offers To Your Advantage 

Did you know that there are multiple payment offers that help you save money instantly when you clear your bills? Many mobile payment apps allow you to get cashback when you pay such bills. 

Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions set by such third-party applications before you pay your bill. Since these terms govern all credit card bill payment offers, meeting them is key. For instance, they may require you to make a certain minimum payment or cap the benefits at a specific amount. 


Eliminate All Extra Fees And Charges

Some of the common fees that credit card usage entails are:

  • Annual fees or maintenance charges 

  • Joining fees

  • Rewards redemption fees

  • Interest fees on overdue amount 

  • Fees on late payment 

  • Cash advance charges 

  • Fees on overdraft 

  • Balance transfer fees 

  • Foreign transaction fees 


To save more using your credit card, try to eliminate as many of these additional charges as possible. Either choose a lifetime-free card or a card with manageable spending thresholds for annual and joining fee waivers. Making sure your card issuer doesn’t charge a redemption fee when you use your reward points is also useful. 

By being diligent with bill payments, you can avoid interest and late payment fees. Try to avoid using your credit to the limit or withdrawing cash from an ATM unless absolutely necessary to avoid the associated fees. Plan your credit card balance transfer carefully to ensure the charges offset the benefit you get. Lastly, choose a credit card with low FOREX charges. 


Leverage Credit Card Offers To The Fullest

Whether it is daily essentials, monthly expenses, weekend entertainment or once-in-a-while splurging, make sure to check the latest credit card offers. Your credit card company has tie-ups with a range of brands that allow you to save via discounts and cashback. 

Usually, you can get offers on the following:

  • Online shopping with certain e-retailers

  • Grocery shopping, dining and food delivery with partner brands 

  • Booking movie tickets 

  • Airline, train ticket and fuel 

  • Booking hotel stays 

  • Purchasing electronics, clothes and accessories, jewellery and more

  • Paying utility bills, rent, education fees

  • Spending on health and wellness needs 

Keep an eye out for offers during holidays and festive seasons. You can save substantially by utilising such offers on your credit card. 


Understand The Reward Points Ecosystem 

While you may be initially excited to earn rewards points, this may die down eventually until you don’t pay attention to them anymore. However, points can help you save more and indulge—based on the rewards program of your card. 

If your reward points expire, ensure you mark the date so you can make the most out of them. Secondly, keep the terms of redemption in mind, such as the minimum points needed, the timeline, and more. This can help you enjoy points and what they can get you. From gift vouchers from brands that you like to discounts on hotel stays during your vacation, points can help you live life to the fullest—all while saving loads. 

Most credit cards also allow you to earn accelerated reward points. Find out when and how this happens so you can double or triple your benefits. Co-branded credit cards are some of the best in this regard. So, choose one from a brand that you regularly shop from. 

As you can see, it is only by understanding offers, charges and rewards that you save more as you spend. However, it all starts with the card you have. The One Credit Card can help you save on all fronts. It not only comes with a range of offers on a variety of categories but also comes with zero joining, annual and rewards redemption fee. 

What’s more, its reward points never expire and you can benefit from 5X rewards on your top two spending categories every month. To experience all these benefits on the powerful One Credit Card App, apply online now.

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