Supporting Property Owners with Top-Quality Fence Supply Canada

Oasis Outdoor Products is Canada’s premier supplier of top-quality PVC vinyl fences and other quality fencing solutions.

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Supporting Property Owners with Top-Quality Fence Supply Canada


Oasis Outdoor Products is Canada’s premier supplier of top-quality PVC vinyl fences and other quality fencing solutions. We deliver exceptional value to our customers, which include contractors, dealers, and home and property owners, as the best manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler of premium Fence Supply Canada.

Our extensive product catalog includes durable and aesthetically pleasing privacy fences, robust temporary construction fences, and essential fencing accessories.

This article focuses on how our wholesale fence supply supports property owners.

Properties of Fencing Supplies Canada

We at Oasis Outdoor Products are committed to excellence with our long-lasting fencing solutions. Our superior-quality fencing supplies last a lifetime, ensuring a robust and reliable protection barrier for your property. Our advanced mono-extrusion and co-extrusion techniques fortify your property, allowing it to withstand the harshest weather conditions in Canada. The process enhances the structural integrity of the fencing products, heightening their resilience against seasonal changes and the harmful effects of the sun throughout the years.

Our fencing products can fight extreme temperatures, heavy snowfall, and strong winds. They are water-resistant and maintain their form and function year after year. The additional protection against cracking, warping, and fading allows our fencing supplies to remain sturdy and intact even under the most severe weather fluctuations. Also, the innovative manufacturing process, combined with the application of durable materials, guarantees that our fences will maintain their aesthetic appeal over the years.

Types of Fencing Supplies

Our diverse range of fencing supplies Canada assists property owners in the construction or home-improvement projects. Here are five of our most popular fencing products:

·         Vinyl Fencing or PVC Fences – These are known for their durability and dependability. They are available in Classic Full Privacy Fences, ideal for securing backyards in suburban and urban areas. Our Picket Fences provide an elegant and timeless look to modern fencing with its traditional design. We even have a range of horse fencing solutions suitable for agricultural needs.

·         Temporary Fencing – This is best suited for construction or hazardous sites. Our temporary fencing solutions provide the easiest solution for creating temporary perimeters. 

·         Aluminum Railings – Our heavy-duty aluminum railings provide added strength and are approved to meet all Canadian safety requirements. These railing solutions are ideal for DIY projects and are easily customizable to suit the varied needs of different projects, big or small.

·         Fence Accessories – We provide a range of fencing accessories to complete your fencing installations. Our high-quality closing hinges, latches, post-leveling collars, and more ensure long-lasting performance.

·         Post Driver – Our Honda 4-Stroke Gas Powered GX35 Post Driver is efficient and easy for professional installation. It not only saves time but reduces manual labor efforts.


    In conclusion, Oasis Outdoor Products’ fencing solutions ensure peace of mind for home and property owners across Canada.

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Oasis Outdoor Products Oasis Outdoor Products is Canada’s one-stop shop for PVC vinyl fencing, privacy fencing, and temporary construction fence. Oasis Outdoor Products is a manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler that provides unmatched value to our partners. We provide fencing supplies and products to dealers, contractors, and homeowners in Canada. In many cases, we can offer fine-quality installation services through one of our affiliated dealers or contractors. Our privacy fence solutions are attractive, modern, and durable, boosting your home’s value and improving the aesthetic of your property.