5 Reasons Now is The Time to Own a Sports Bar Franchise


Let’s face it. We love our sports. And since most of us aren’t season ticket holders, the next best way to watch the action play out is on TV. Submarine House sports bar franchise bring together that winning combination into the right opportunity for business-savvy investors like you.


That’s just one reason the iconic sports bar and grill has its place in neighborhoods everywhere. It’s where the right game at the right time with the right food and the right beverages come together to make a special moment.


Team loyalists prefer to watch sports in restaurants and bars where they can enjoy the camaraderie of friends, family and fans, according to the Nielsen Company, a global marketing research firm. In fact, 66% of adults over age 18 choose food service establishments like Submarine House as their go-to destination to get the sports fix they crave.


With all the action competing for guests’ attention, you may think patrons aren’t engaged with your sports bar atmosphere. That is far from the truth.


Here are five more reasons why a sports bar franchise caters to today’s fans.


Food and beverages fans crave in our sports bar franchise


Watching sports on TV at home may have its conveniences. Snacks in the pantry. Beverages in the fridge. No lines and no waiting. But stale potato chips and big brand beer gets old fast.



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Written by Michelle Austin

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