4 Tips For Taking A Bleisure Trip

Do you miss mixing business trips with getting out and exploring a new city? If so, you’re in good company. In a recent survey conducted by SAP Concur, 89 percent of respondents said they will add personal vacation time to their business trips in the next year. Some of the top reasons respondents said they’re ready for a return to business travel are making personal connections with customers and colleagues (54 percent), experiencing new places (52 percent), and taking a break from their everyday life (41 percent). 

Part of the excitement of visiting new places is the potential to tack on a few days of exploration. This combination work-and-play trip—commonly known as a bleisure trip—is a great way to get to know a new city, recharge with solo time or self-care activities, and embrace new cultural or culinary experiences.

So, if you’re getting ready to head back out on the road and, like many business travelers, you plan to extend your trip, use these tips to prepare for and maximize your travel experience.

1. Plan your bleisure trip to maximize your leisure time

The first step in planning a bleisure trip is to time it right. What does that look like? When possible, arrange for the business portion of your trip to fall on a Friday or Monday—whether that be hosting a meeting, attending a conference, or something else—that way you can spend the weekend enjoying the leisure part of your trip. If you have flexibility with your flights, planning to fly on off-peak times might save you money, too. 

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2. Perfect your packing strategy

Before you start worrying about what to pack for a dual purpose trip, sit down and list out what you have planned during your trip. Getting clear on your plans and goals will help streamline what you need to bring with you. 

Next, make a list of:

  • What you’ll need to wear for planned activities
  • What you’ll need to dress appropriately for the climate
  • Items that you’ll need to comply with the business portion of your trip or local etiquette

Then, aim to only pack items that can go from business to leisure, and vice versa. Depending on the length of your bleisure trip, you can likely get away with taking one staple item each—i.e. one skirt/pair of dress pants, one blazer, one pair of jeans, one pair of shoes—and mixing and matching those staples with accessories each day. 

Everything else you were thinking of packing, including those just-in-case items? You can leave them at home—which should free up the time you would have spent agonizing over what shoes to wear because you’ve only packed the ones you need.  

3. Leverage TripIt to get to know your destination 

Being the savvy business traveler that you are, you’re probably already using TripIt Pro to manage your travel plans and keep you up to date about flight delays,

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