4 Camping Mistakes to Avoid

The popularity of outdoor vacations and experiencing thrilling life is on the rise for quite some time now. Camping has become the perfect activity for the same reason. People get to live in the open, connect to nature, and experience life-changing events when they go on camping. But, before you pack your bags and head out for camping, there are a few things that you must keep in mind.

There are a few things that must NOT do because these would be mistakes that can turn your vacation into a nuisance. Let’s look at some mistakes that you should avoid during camping. Here are some tips that’ll ensure you avoid making these common camping mistakes.

Arriving Too Late

People often make this mistake. They arrive late at the campsite and engage in arranging things and managing a good place for themselves. This means they would have less time for connecting with nature because they are busy getting done with routine formalities. If they arrive at the campsite at night or after its dark, the whole experience might become a hassle, becoming a bad experience of your life.

Imagine going to a place that has no electricity arrangement, and you can’t even move in properly. Arriving late also means you have spent quality hours somewhere else, and by this time you would be tired. So, if you are planning camping tents, don’t treat it like an ordinary experience. Instead, arrive at least 2 hours before dark so that you can have everything settled by then.

Bringing the Wrong Gear

Make sure to carry the right gear with you if you are going camping. For example, if you carry summer gear during your winter camping experience, you will be worried about keeping yourself warm and protected. With so much focus on heat, there is no possibility that you can benefit from the camping experience as you wanted to. Forget about connecting with nature, because one would want to connect with the right sleeping bags only.

We recommend doing a weather check or climate check so that you can carry a tarp if it’s going to be wet where you plan to set up the tent. More importantly, must carry your cooking gear with you because in the absence of a frying pan or other cooking equipment, making food will be extremely difficult.

If the camping site is wooded, don’t forget to carry an insect repellent.

Forgetting Your Bear-Safe Food Containers

If you are planning to camp in the wild, you need to make special arrangements. This includes getting bear-safe food containers. Wild animals can smell food from a distance. Don’t invite the animals, and make yourself an attack target by taking ordinary food containers because it is highly dangerous. Keep yourself safe from them by staying as far away as possible.

Bothering Local Wildlife

This must be the first commandment in the book of camping rules. Harassing or bothering wild animals is a BIG NO because it can be extremely dangerous. One might put one’s own life and others’ life at risk by bothering wild animals. Wild animals in big groups, whether they belong to the predator group or not, could harm, or even kill, an adult or child.

Other than self-protection, there is a humanitarian aspect as well. What you might count as fun, could be hurting animals or their babies. This fun could be outright cruelty. Unless an animal has attacked you or anyone else, don’t ever bother them in any way, under any circumstances.

Bringing Too Much Stuff

We have already talked about how you shouldn’t bring the wrong gear, and how you should come prepared for uncertain weather. However, this does not mean you should carry too much with you. Too much equipment can cause problems because then your complete focus will be on handling the stuff, and less energy left to have fun.

While taking small items such as frisbees, horseshoes, and adult beverages can make camping fun, huge items such as tv or coffeemaker can ruin all the fun. And you might not even get a chance to use these items. So, make sure that you take as minimum items with you as possible. Also, being minimalist is the new cool.

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Written by Alex Morris