10 amazing health benefits of egg for your kids

Eggs are a fantastic source of nutrients and packed with the goodness of a superfood. They are also a good source of protein for kids. Mother nature has given our kids access to benefit from these sources to grow up to be healthy and fit. So, it is imperative to include egg breakfast for kids. Let us look into some of the points.

  • Full of protein- Eggs are the ultimate solution for kids who suffer from protein deficiency. Packed with protein, the eggs are a highly perfect source of nutrition. Eggs help the kids grow bigger and stronger, and also they prevent the kids from having multivitamin medicines by the vitamin content they provide.

  • Increase HDL- HDL is the good cholesterol needed in the body to combat the insufficient cholesterol level, which ensures the heart works well. Cholesterol issues can cause difficulties when the child grows up, so it would be wise to help them right away.

  • Excellent for eyes- Eggs contain many elements like Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which take care of the eyes in kids and make their vision better and sharper. Instead of getting thick glasses at a young age, consuming eggs would be better to help the eyes work fine.

  • Builds cell membrane- Eggs are a good source of Choline which enhances the development of the brain. During the vulnerable age of growth, we must ensure that the kids have eggs so that the brain development can occur properly.

  • Omega 3 content- Eggs are laden with Omega 3, which helps in the brain development at the early stages and looks after the cognitive memory. Brain development is something that should be encouraged right from childhood, and eggs help in doing so.

  • Excellent source of Vitamin D- Eggs are filled with Vitamin D3, which the kids need as it looks after the bone development in their bodies. Since they are growing, this is a crucial realm to be given attention to, and eggs are an excellent source.

  • Looks after the nerves- Eggs are an excellent source of folic acid that looks after the neural health of the kids. It helps them from staying weak and builds a robust system in the body. It is an essential thing to look after, and eggs provide a fabulous solution to it.

  • Cobalamin content-This is yet another nutrient that is also an excellent source of neural health. This is mainly found in Vitamin B12, and eggs are a fantastic source of this nutrient.

  • Amino Acid content- Eggs are an excellent source of 9 amino acids, a fantastic source of perfect and thick hair and nails. These are very important as they naturally help the children to get all the goodness. Instead of depending on external medicines, it is relatively better to have these from our food.

  • Balancing fat- As we combat child obesity globally, this amazing source of superpower also has the natural ability to balance the fats in a child’s body. Eggs are a complete balance of saturated and unsaturated fats, and when cooked in the correct form without frying, eggs can work as a beautiful source of breakfast and snacks for children.

These are some of the incredible health benefits of eggs that we should never forget. Including eggs in the daily diet of the kids should be a mandate. If the health is taken care of right in childhood, the kids will always become healthy and strong. Mothers will also see that the kids will be energetic and satisfied after including eggs in the daily diet.

Written by Ise foods India

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