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​​​​ Cadbury Roses Large Carton 290g

So I’m not worried about keeping it see I’m just doing some groups of five at the moment so you can see just music in the point of white whatever it is left on the table there anyway so 5 10 15 20 24 26 there is 26. so there we go so there’s nine of each got two problems so far I’ve got the fact that there’s massive you know cushions inside the box to make it smaller you know make it look bigger than this is um and there’s only one of one particular type of Cadbury Roses okay so here we go so here they all are so they’re all so nice look they’re also nicely wrapped it’s also very similar some of them are one color some of them are multiple colors um yeah so there we go so I don’t know why some of the multiple colors really but some of them included a couple of them are thinner than others I mean this one looks ridiculous I mean the flourish on this used to be like a square one that’s the same camera one but you can see as you know.

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It’s so small you know that flush is huge yeah okay i mean what do you like about them is they like the way they’ve got the the tabs you know they’re not quite brightly wrapped i think the wrap is a bit what’s the word garish is it there’s crips UK up for a bit more subtle wrappers but you know yeah um by the way tell you what they are on each of them so you know what they all are you know it clearly says it’s the darren one which is branded dairy milk but uh you know they literally say what they are here’s a well both of them do so well this one they’ve added tangy so it’s not just the orange cream it’s tangy orange cream now i think it used to be just so tangy actually orange creme i believe that these i mean my theory that they spell cream that way creme is because it doesn’t have actual cream in it and that’s why i believe they do it because on the um when i reviewed the big piece of orange orange cream or cream cake bar it has asterisks let’s just say it doesn’t actually contain cream so i reckon that’s why.

They do it um doesn’t have it in this case i have it British sweet but i can’t see easy there’s no stitch next to it so yeah but the cable is slightly different because of course i guess it’s a case you might be more inclined to expect like a cream on it but there we go okay i’m not going to open these individually i’m going to just taste them all and i’m going to open them and look at them at the time i don’t think i’ll go too overboard with measuring more things like this because it’ll probably take forever and you’ll get the gist of it all but you can clearly see here the flourishes are just ridiculous on these you know but there we are so yeah so again in this box it looks like it’s full but half it’s probably dead space and you’ve got these cushions at the side as well it’s interesting to remove them all from the wrapper and put them back in but um yeah i think that you but i think you get the gist of it okay let’s give these a taste let’s do it okay once we’re going to give these more bases like um gift sets edition of cadbury’s roses and taste 

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