7 Ideas to Decorate an Event

  • We love our special days. We all do. We want them to be grand, opulent or classy—something that can qualify as memorable and be the talk of our social circle for days to come. And thus, we leave no stone unturned to make them “stand out”. Whether it’s the venue, the decor, the invitation card design, the furniture, or the menu, we want it all to be the image of perfection. Nothing less would do.

    In the days of old, the concept of event managers and wedding planners was unheard of. It was the top shelf of the family hierarchy who busied themselves in preparations. As time went and joint families split apart and the nuclear set-up came into being, huge, large-scale functions were too much work for one family alone. So in came the Event Management and Event Furniture Suppliers, who took up the responsibility of making your dream day special in exchange for a fee.

    In Cape Town, there is an abundance of such companies which provide everything from Marquee tents to crockery, glassware, furniture and linen for events. Catering companies in and around Cape Town have sprung up by the numbers as well. Everything from finger-licking grub to the appropriate cutlery (Braai drums and grid-folding, casserole dishes, cooler boxes, cake stands etc.) are available. Most of these firms give their ware for hire, while others sell. Orders can even be customised according to consumer preference. Some people would settle for a traditional White Catholic-style wedding, while others, who are more open to experimentation, would like a theme like, for example, “Green Planet”, or “Broadway”. The set-up styling for the venue would also be of myriad hues. Here we’ll take a look at what are some of the most budget-friendly, yet unusual ideas for wedding (or other similar function) decor: (Information Credit – http://banksrl.co.za/product-category/marquees)

    Use Fairy Lights in your lawn:
    The small, twinkling, cheery bulbs can create an aura of festivity and warmth. String them in the bushes on your lawn, or the stands. As they glow in the dark lending a firefly-like feel to the ambience, you are struck by an overwhelming feeling of poignancy.

    Use Feathers as a Decorative Accessory:
    Buy feathers of myriad hues and hang them in various shapes on the walls. Or make a centrepiece on the table with a bunch. They will lend the occasion a quirky, vibrant look. Use feather wreaths to replace flower ones.

    Use a Tent as the Venue:
    Tents can add a touch of innovation in case you’re planning a theme event. There are Marquee tents for hire everywhere in Cape Town and other big cities. The tents can be set up anywhere, a beach, hills, and ariverbank or even in a desert. Coming in various shapes and colours, these have vast stretch capabilities and can be customised according to the mood or ambience that you want.

    Use Scented Candles:
    Scented or even plain candles will do in this one. A dim-lit dinner room with thousands of candles lit in it create an otherworldly feeling. Picture rows of tables with each table having a set of candle arranged in a geometric shape; fills the mind with peace and fulfilment. Inexpensive and simple, nothing says “elegance” better than this.

    Zen Set-up:
    Paper lanterns, origami decorations, little wood tool-tables, rock gardens and traditional Japanese Buddha wall-hangings. Appropriate for those with a taste for the exotic. Play some serene music in the background, and you have a complete hit on your hands. This will surely enable your wedding/event to be the talk of the town.

    Orchids and Vines:
    Line the interiors of your hall or tent with cascades made of exotic colourful orchids or vine creeper plants. This is likely to lend your event a unique, vintage yet classy feel. To match up, the bride (in case it’s a wedding) can sport violet or red orchids in her hair.

    Frosty Backyard Setting:
    This is an old one, but having the aisle path covered with white snow with rows of artificial “frost-laden trees shod of leaves” flanking the walkway, is wont to leave most people spellbound. Attach soft-glowing light-bulbs to the ‘trees’ for a more visually stunning effect.

    Which one of these do you like? Let us know.