A Safe Kwikstage Scaffolding System with the Right Manufacturer

  • As technologies develop and new tools are introduced, people look for faster methods and better in the construction industry. The demand in residential and commercial buildings are increasing year after year that leads to finding faster construction solutions. However, one should not compromise on safety and quality when it comes to construction jobs. When you are talking about safety on construction sites, the first thing that comes to mind is Kwikstage scaffolding. (Information Credit - Southend Scaffolding)

    Nowadays, a number of Kwikstage scaffolding manufacturers are working in South Africa but, you need to choose a manufacturer that has relevant industry experience and has received good reviews. You should remember that this is a matter of safety of the workers at the construction sites and there should not be any negotiation. Scaffolding is basically the structure that forms the support system when constructing high-rise buildings or during any repair works. The Kwikstage scaffolding framework supports the workers and other materials. Usually, a group of metal pipes are joined together to form the scaffolding structure.

    Cuplock scaffolding and Kwikstage scaffolding are the two types of scaffolding structures that are popular in the market. Among the two, a large part of the populous prefer the Kwikstage scaffolding system as it has comparatively high strength. Given below are some of the properties of Kwikstage scaffolding.

    • Kwikstage Standard: The height of Kwikstage standards range between 1m and 5m and are placed to form the base of the support system. All the standards consist of “Star Couplings” that support the horizontal members.
    • Kwikstage Guard Rail Ledger: The guard rail ledgers connect the standards and form the base support system. All the Kwikstage guard rail ledgers consist of captive wedge and spigot.
    • Kwikstage Transom: Kwikstage transoms have the appearance of a “T” section and are mainly used to support the load. Generally, the transoms have the capacity of taking a load up to 1 tonne. However, in case of a heavy-duty deck, the transoms can support up to 675kg of live load.
    • Kwikstage Kwikboard: This is hollow shaped and is manufactured from two Galva bond steel sheet. They snugly fit into the Kwikstage transom.
    • Kwikstage Brace: The Kwikstage braces add to the safety of the whole structure and are fitted diagonally across the bays. The braces are available in three different lengths in the market.
    • Kwikstage Adjustable Screw Base/Head Jack: The head jacks form a part of the load bearing components. The Kwikstage adjustable screw base or head jack lend support when the scaffolding has to be constructed on uneven ground.

    The Kwikstage scaffolding manufacturers employ advanced technology to build a safe system. Ensuring safety, the scaffolding can be used by the skilled workers as well as the DIY enthusiasts. The Kwikstage scaffolding system is easy to assemble and disassemble and you can also choose the customisation options. The structure is quite versatile and is thus used by the painters, roofers, brick layers, and other construction workers.