5 Areas Where Plastic is Predominantly Used

  • The reason behind the worldwide popularity of plastic is its versatility. Plastic can be formed in many different shapes and can be used in a variety of forms as well. Moreover, plastic is easily available at any place, anytime, and it is a cheap material. So, from domestic applications to industrial, plastic has several uses and they are only growing day by day. Plastic manufacturers in Cape Town offer various household products to their clients. (Information source: https://spicoly.co.za/)

    How Plastic is Used in Different Areas:

    1. Construction: Along with great versatility, plastic has an excellent combined ratio of strength to weight. Moreover, it is cost effective, durable, corrosion resistant and low maintenance. So, the construction sector finds plastic very useful for several purposes such as cladding and profiles, insulation, seals and gaskets etc.

    2. Electronics: Electronics play an important part in our life. We use electronic gadgets in almost any kind of work. Nowadays, plastic is found as the main component of electronic gadgets. Plastic is used in electronics due to several benefits such as heat insulation, lightweight, flexibility, durability and energy efficiency.

    3. Transport: The cost-effective nature of plastic makes it the ideal material for transporting goods safely from a place to another. Moreover, manufacturing different parts of vehicles, with the help of plastic, helps to reduce the weight of cars, boats, trains and aeroplanes. As a result, fuel consumption is reduced. So, plastic has become a popular material in the transport industry due to its lightweight.

    4. Packaging: Plastic is widely used in the packaging industry. Due to its durable, hygienic and lightweight qualities, it is a perfect option for packaging and transporting goods. There are numerous packaging applications that use plastic such as food containers, bottles, boxes, trays, cups etc. Moreover, it is also used in protective packaging, vending packaging, and the packaging of baby products. There are many plastic products suppliers that offer various types of plastic containers for household uses and packaging industries of Cape Town.

    5. Household: Plastic is a part of every household. It is used in the making of lunch boxes, plates, can lids, food containers, spice containers, bowls etc. Using plastic food containers in the household has its benefits, such as –

    • Compatibility with microwave: It is hassle if you need to take the food out of the container every time you want to heat it because the container can be damaged from the heat of the microwave. Some plastic containers made today are specially designed so they can stand the high temperature. So, it makes microwaving food a lot easier.
    • Compatibility with dishwasher and freezer: Plastic food containers can be used safely in the freezer and dishwasher. If the label on the container confirms that it can be used, then you can use them by following instructions. For example, you may have to place the containers on the top rack of the dishwasher for safe dishwashing.


    You can find various types of plastic household products from the plastic manufacturers in Cape Town that offer high-quality plastic items for your convenience.