Benefits of Stainless Steel Laser Cutting

  • The popularity of laser cutting has grown immensely in all manufacturing units which require precision cutting. It is processed by using a computer numerical control (CNC) to direct a high-powered laser. This laser beam cuts the piece of stainless steel by melting and burning it. Laser cutting is far better than any traditional methods of cutting due to its many advantages. If you are in the manufacturing industry, you can consider stainless steel laser cutting services for your next project. (Information credit:

    The benefits of laser cutting are:

    1. Accurate and precise cuts: The focused light beam used in a laser cutting is extremely small but powerful. So, the pieces that you cut, come out with brilliant accuracy and precise shapes. In a manufacturing unit, the shape of the metal is very important for producing high-quality items. With precisely cut stainless steel, the overall productivity of the workplace is enhanced.

    2. Eliminates Waste: When large stainless steel plates are cut into small pieces at manufacturing units, it is a common to cut a bit extra than what is needed, which ends up as scrap. If it happens repetitively, then a lot of metals are wasted. With the accurate cutting process by laser beam, waste is minimised.

    3. Easy setup: Laser cutting does not have any complicated tools involved in the process, so the setup is a lot easier and less time-consuming. You only need to programme the machine and load the material; both are cost-effective and efficient.

    4. Easy for Complex designing: Unlike traditional metal cutting tools, no design is too complex to cut the high-powered laser beam. It can work with extremely narrow sections of metals without causing any warping or distortion to the cutting area. Stainless steel laser cutting services can provide any type of manufacturers with their preferred cut due to this reason.

    5. Versatility: Lesser cutting methods can be used on any material which is a huge benefit. Apart from stainless steel, you can also use it for other metals like aluminium, copper, brass etc. and materials like plastic, wood, composites etc. Even if you are in the steel industry, you may need other materials for producing an item completely. There is no need to switch or replace any tooling. Moreover, the strength of the laser beam can be controlled, so you can increase or decrease it according to the hardness and thickness of a material.

    6. Improved Efficiency: Laser cutting beams are a lot faster than other cutting methods. It can even cut thick steel plates with ease because of the high heat it applies. The beams produce numerous cut pieces very fast without causing any damage, yet the quality and accuracy are upheld.

    7. Better Safety: Traditional cutting methods use sharp-edged tools that can be dangerous for workers. The laser cutting method, however, uses computer numerical controls. You only need to programme the machine and it will work on its own. So, damage is reduced.

    There are many stainless steel laser cutting services in Gauteng that can assist you with your requirements of precisely cut steel pieces.