9 Reasons for the Popularity of Aluminium Casement Windows

  • Windows are a necessity in every room to allow proper air and light into the room. There are a variety of windows styles available like sliding windows, awning windows, casement windows, skylights etc. Out of these, casement windows are undoubtedly one of the most popular window styles used by homeowners. (Information credit: https://www.alsysco.co.za/casement-windows/)

    The versatile window style is suitable for all rooms and is available in flexible material options. This style of window is not only chosen by homeowners but also preferred by architects and designers. Recently, aluminium casement windows have become a popular choice, offering benefits for the homeowners as well as the home.

    Here are 9 reasons why aluminium casement windows are popular among both architects and homeowners:

    1. Energy efficiency – All aluminium casement windows are designed and manufactured in accordance with the necessary energy standards. This ensures that the windows are energy efficient and help in saving on energy bills. With proper energy-efficient glazing, air leakage and entry can be further prevented to ensure greater efficiency.

    2. Various design options – When it comes to casement windows, there are endless customisation and design possibilities. You can select the configuration of the window as per your requirements – single-door, double-door etc. You can also opt for design features like push out, flat top etc.

    3. Easy opening and closing – Casement windows feature single-level latches. This makes it very easy to operate such windows, featuring a smooth opening and closing action. Various manufacturers also provide you with the option to fit automatic openers for further ease of use.

    4. Proper ventilation – Traditional casement windows open in the outward direction, providing proper ventilation for any room. As compared to the top closing double-hung windows, these windows open from the top to the bottom, providing an unobstructed passage of air.

    5. Custom manufacturing – The use of aluminium allows greater flexibility in the manufacture of windows. The casement windows can be made to cater to any size and shape requirements, according to the needs of your home. With advanced profile bending and extrusion techniques, all kinds of homes and buildings can incorporate aluminium casement windows.

    6. Slim frames – The use of aluminium for the manufacture of casement windows allows extremely slim frames for the windows. With slim sightlines, homeowners can enjoy a wider view from their home. Also, since aluminium is a strong material, it allows installation of a single, large glass pane, offering an enhanced view.

    7. Creativity freedom – Aluminium casement style windows facilitate the use of any kind of glass including stained glasses and bevelled designs. These windows can also be customised to incorporate double or triple glazing, ensuring enhanced thermal efficiency. Also, since aluminium allows a variety of finishes, you can choose your desired colour or finish, including wood grain finishes. This means that your windows can be styled to suit the décor style of your home.

    8. Easy to maintain – This kind of window requires extremely low maintenance. All you need to do is simply wipe the glass and the frame with a washcloth and the window will remain free of dirt and dust. The casement style ensures that all parts of the window are easily reachable for cleaning. The aluminium frame further facilitates easy maintenance. Also, aluminium is a sturdy and durable material that will not require regular repairs.

    9. High Level of Security – Aluminium casement windows are designed to offer the maximum level of security possible. These windows are glazed internally, helping in keeping the intruders out. The locks used on the windows are the best for complete security. To further enhance the safety, the windows can be fitted with additional hinges and locks too.

    Since windows are a crucial element that affect the aesthetic appeal of the home from both the interior and the exterior, it is important to choose a functional yet aesthetically pleasing window. Casement windows are also flexible in that regard, since they blend well with all styles of architecture. The aluminium frame of these windows also makes it compatible with both traditional and modern houses. Aluminium casement windows are also very durable. Since they last long, this ensures a great return on investment.